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A message from our president

Hello fellow hams!
Way back in the Stone Age (or maybe it was the summer of 2011) I started to attend GNARC meetings, and immediately felt welcomed and included. Actually, I was so included in all of the goings on that for 2012 I was elected secretary of the club. After a year of doing that, 2013 saw me becoming vice president, which was quite a surprise to me. Now, in 2014, it is a great honor to be able to address all of you as the president of this fine club.

Thanks to lots of hard work and dedication, Tim Walker (W1GIG) secured us a meeting spot in the new Norwalk Fire Headquarters Emergency Operations Center. The work isn’t stopping there. Continuing efforts are being made by our new vice president/repeater trustee, Charles Lelievre (N1LLL), to secure antenna space for the club at this location. He’s also been working with the repeater committee to refurbish and upgrade all of the club repeaters. If you’ve used them lately, you know just how well they are working now. It is no surprise that our repeater system is the busiest in the area.

Now that we have a great location and a great repeater system, we need to focus on increasing our already fantastic membership. I know there are a lot of licensed hams who we haven’t heard from in a while. Why not give them a call and see how they are? When you see someone who isn’t a ham expressing interest in homebrewing, electronics, the magic of radio, or anything else we get into as hams, make sure you mention that ham radio is alive and flourishing, and get them to the next meeting. If you happen to see a new face at the meeting, make sure to say hi. You never know if your quick greeting will end up bringing in a future board member.

It is that time of year again where we must ask you to pay your dues. We ask that this be done before March 31, after which we’ll be recompiling the official membership list. If we notice that your name didn’t make it over to the new list, one of the board members will be contacting you to check in and see how you are doing. I know that for me events like the yearly picnic, field day, and the holiday party are extremely joyous occasions. However, there should be more to the club than just meetings and parties. Our bylaws heavily emphasize the need to provide learning opportunities. As such, we will organize educational workshops, group builds of simple projects, maybe even the go-box building or a fox hunt that has been talked about for a while.

To be able to do these things, GNARC needs operating funds. For the cost of a Baofeng, you will be getting a full year of ham radio fulfillment. And don’t forget all the raffles! It is your past contributions that have made GNARC a thriving club, and we thank you in advance for your continued support!

I’m really looking forward to all that will be happening in 2014, and I hope to see everyone at meetings and events.
Sam Dick, NV1P

February 2014 Meeting Minutes

GNARC meeting minutes February 2014
-Meeting called to order by President Sam NV1P at 8:00pm

-Sam made a motion that January’s minutes be accepted. Dee N1ZD had a correction – his call is wrong in the January minutes. Sec’y said the correction will be made. Jim KC1FB motioned, Paul WB2JVB seconded.

-Todd K1TMS Smith was welcomed to the room (Todd is also Norwalk FD’s deputy chief in charge of training.

-New HAMS/Visitors:

  •  Brian KC1BAT Mc Dermott
  • Eric KB1ZIR Light
  • Chuck K1CWT Teichert III
  • Douglas WA1SFH Sharafanowich
  • Sarah Hansen (Chris WO1T’s daughter, as yet unlicensed!!!!)

-No upgrades

-Treasurer’s report: GNARC is doing very well (actual figures on file with treasurer)

-Committees: PIO: Announcement made about the second annual invite from the American Legion, to set up a special event station on the Legion’s grounds, to commemorate “Weekend At The Post – a thank you to all our troops, & veterans, & their families”.

-No old business

-New Business: Tom Alessi K1TA proposed creating a Paypal account to help facilitate payments from club members for dues, etc. There was some discussion.

-Sam entertained discussion about making FD more of a family type event, including a real picnic (including better managed food, friendly but competitive contesting, etc).

-Sam also broached the subject of investigating other venue’s for GNARC’s holiday party. A mention was made that establishments book early.

-Sam suggested possibly creating an “ask the doctor” technical net. There was some discussion.

-Sam suggested the possibility of an NTS traffic net. Douglas described NTS for those not understanding this system. Douglas & Sam jointly mentioned the possibility of a (training) class to try it in the future.

-Toy gave an overview of ARES, & said members are always welcome.

-There was discussion about other various ways to publicize GNARC & HAM radio in general, i.e.: pamphlets, maker fairs, posting flyers in hobby shops, commercial radio broadcasts with public service announcements, contacting schools, retirement facilities, etc.

-A suggestion was made about possibly – when Spring comes – commandeering a picnic table at the beach some weekend day & setting up a small station………to attract attention…… Marty said he would try calling the Parks & Rec director for permission.

-Sam additionally said he’d like to see GNARC (HAMs in general) do more for/with the public than just public service events. He has volunteered at soup kitchens, & participated in walks/bike races (as a participant instead of a radio operator), to “give back to the community” more.

-A Charity car road rally is approaching – on April 12th. This rally starts in Westport, & ends in Woodbury(?) CT, by way of parts of NY, is an all-day event, & is in need of about 6 teams of 2 each, one being a HAM.

– Tim W1GIG is recuperating in Meadow Ridge (Redding) from a procedure. He has an HT & has been heard on the air. He may be contacted at 203-544-7733 ext: 579.

-Douglas gave a very informative presentation on Packet radio (THANKS DOUG!!)

-Motion to adjourn by Dee N1ZD, seconded by Toy at 9:55pm.

CERT/ARES 2 Meter Net – Tuesdays

Tuesday evenings, at 8pm eastern, there is a CERT/ARES net on the 2 meter (146.475) repeater. The net discusses emergency preparedness topics and other issues relevant to CERT or ARES. All hams are welcome, no need to be a CERT or ARES member! We typically have 10 to 15 checkins from all over Fairfield County. Come join us.

This net is temporarily suspended! Notices will be sent to email reflectors when it starts back up.