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May 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:31 pm

Number of attendees: 24 (22 members)

Motion made to accept minutes – motion made by Toy, seconded by Sam.

Treasurer’s report: Jim (KC1FB) says that the club’s finances are in good shape. We only spent on a few things for the trailer so our bank account is stable, but we haven’t had any new dues since March.

Presentation: “Low-Cost Test Equipment That You Can Buy on eBay” by Steve Dick (K1RF). Really great, thorough presentation with lots of illustration of budget friendly test equipment. It’ll be up on the website, so you should definitely check it out! Read More →

Sheffield Island Cleanup

Two GNARC members participated in the Sheffield Island Lighthouse cleanup and get ready for opening day. The Norwalk Seaport Association lets us operate from the island, so its good to help them out. Plus we got a free ferry ride, free lunch and a nice day on the island. Don’t miss it next year! And we got in the local paper.

2017 Sheffield Island Clean up

Steve K1RF’s presentation on inexpensive test equipment

Here is the PDF of Steve’s presentation on test equipment you can find on Ebay.

Low Cost Test Equipment that you can buy on EBAY

Trailer organizing complete

Today we finished installing the shelving and wood strapping around the trailer. The tents are now help upright at the front, with eye hooks and bungee cords/rope.  All power cords, coax, surge protectors, Ethernet cabling, etc is stored in the totes you see on the shelves. The tables and plywood are leaning on the left side. A more permanent way to keep them secure is still needed, but what we have works. The heaviest bins, with the ropes and lights stay on the floor with the coolers.

See attached photos.

Recent club activities

A few pictures of recent goings on! N1ZD, W1PPL and KC1YL assembled some shelves that will be mounted in the GNARC trailer this week. KC1YL and WB2JVB assisted the Norwalk Seaport Association with clean up of Sheffield Island Lighthouse, to get it ready for the season opening. GNARC operates from the island, so it was important to volunteer to help. N1CT and KC1YL admire the flowers at the comm center.

Two new hams today at GNARC VE session!

Today, at our normally scheduled VE session, two new hams were minted! One technician and one general (who did both at the same time). We will post the calls signs when they are available.

We also had two visitors today, one was non-ham who is interested in a tech class. So if we can get enough folks, we will start a new tech training class. If you know anyone please let Jon AI1V or Paul WB2JVB know.


Garden at the Comm Center

W1PPL, under guidance from horticultural director KC1YL, spreads some mulch on the garden at 100 Fairfield!

(Yes, the FD gave us permission!)