GNARC June Meeting Minutes

GNARC June 2013 meeting minutes

Held at Super Stop & Shop, 385 CT Ave, Norwalk


Meeting called to order at 8:03pm by Pres Jay NE2Q.

Visitors/returning members introduced themselves: Greg Bitondo Sr N1KIT, Marcel Vasile YO7ARY from Romania, & non-HAM Robert Turner (with an antique receiver he “rescued” from being dumped). Tim W1GIG took it to turn it over to a HAM-related museum.

Condolence card for “Silent Key” John Wistrand passed around for members in attendance to sign, sec’y to mail after the meeting.

Treasurer’s report: The only bills received since last meeting were for the storage container, & we’ve received some dues payments. (no motion made for acceptance and/or seconding of the treasurer’s report).

Motion made for accepting May’s minutes on club website by Toy KA1WYQ, seconded by Steve N1SV.

Point brought up about a discrepancy on GNARC’s website, as to when/where club meetings are being held. Sec’y to address this with webmaster.

Upgrades: none

Discussion about “Field Day”

Meeting break at 8:50pm

After break, Jay NE2Q gave presentation on refurbishing club’s Tri-band antenna.

Meeting adjourned at 9:48pm (no motion made/seconded).

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