GNARC March 2013 Joint Meeting Minutes

(Meeting held at SARA’s “Clubhouse” in Stamford’s Gov’t Center)


Note: Prior to the meeting, some members met for pizza at John the Baker Restaurant, on Long Ridge Rd. A number of those attending felt (the pizza & service) was exceptional.


Meeting called to order by SARA President Jon WB2RYV at 8:05pm.

GNARC President Jay NE2Q announced GNARC will no longer be meeting monthly at Shoprite in Norwalk, due to other organizations (who also enjoyed the privilege of using the community room) abusing this privilege.

Members went around the room introducing themselves by name, call, & club affiliation. There were 28 people attending, with 3 or 4 of those being NON-hams. Unfortunately, no others from other clubs attended, only those from GNARC & SARA (most likely due to an impending snow storm). This storm also caused guest speaker Betsey Doane K1EIC to reschedule her appearance until (possibly) next month’s meeting.

Floor opened up to members regaling each other with stories of unusual contacts, etc. There was much laughter & all had a great time.

GNARC wants to say “thanks” to SARA for hosting the meeting, & looks forward to another joint meeting in the future. There was plenty of parking for everyone in the Government Center’s parking garage.

Meeting adjourned by Jon WB2RYV for refreshments at 9:20pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Martin KA1WBN Diamond, Sec’y/PIO

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