March 2015 Minutes

March 11th GNARC Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:34.

Attendance: 27 people.

New Business:

Do you have a spare rotor or spare coax to lend the Westport ham club? They’re trying to get a station set up and would dearly appreciate it! Contact Tim (W1GIG) if you do. The club might lend one to them, so check with Tim first before deciding to lend yours.

Correction: Dues are due at the 31st of March, not the 1st as previously stated in last month’s minutes! Reminders are going to be sent out by K1FC.

For now, there is no PL on the input of the 475 machine. If you happen to hear traffic that doesn’t seem to be intentionally directed at our repeater, please let Curt know. Dan will help Curt figure out who the interfering stations are, and once it’s been resolved, the PL will be turned back on.


Con-Jam and Tree Festival are both May 16th. If people are interested in volunteering at either event, you should email Sam or Charles. Information on both will be sent to your inboxes soon. See the Tree Festival online sign up sheet!

We’ve been invited to Wilton Library’s Education Day (maker fest)! N1JFF has volunteered to run the booth. We are looking for people to give quick talks on anything ham radio related, basics, soldering, etc. The event is May 30th, 11 – 3 PM. We could set up an HF station or show how to make an HF go box!

Ham Fests:

Southington, CT – Ham Fest on Sunday morning, March 15th.

Paul, WB2JVB gave a presentation on DMR, Digital Mobile Radio.

Paul’s DMR presentation is now posted on Youtube, courtesy of SARA – check it out!

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