March 2016 Meeting Minutes

Called to order at 7:34, 23 members in attendance

Paul Danzer gave a presentation – “Your PC – What Is Inside”, which will be
posted on the GNARC website for your perusing pleasure.

Business Portion

The Club had a storage container that we used for Field Day. We had to
vacate the space and we’re lucky we had it as long as we did. Now, where do
we store our Field Day equipment? We’re purchasing a trailer that we can
store at one of the fire houses in Norwalk, and the tower trailer is mobile
already – loaded up with the beam antenna. It was moved today to one of our
antenna sites. $2800 dedicated to purchasing a trailer (kudos to Jess for
making a donation to the club to help with this purchase) – motion to
appropriate 2800 for purchase was moved by Dee ND1L, seconded by Don, none

We need a club QSL card, some nice cards with both callsigns, and on the
back we’d like to have QSL info. We’d like to appropriate $300 to make
cards. Motion to purchase cards made by Dan N1ZZ, seconded by Hugo AA1XV,
none opposed.

Our tower has an issue with the rotor – it’s broken. In order to change the
rotor, we have to disconnect it, and we want a replacement rotor to go in
there. We’ve had some issues with the roof leaking, and we’re not permitted
to really walk on the roof, so we need to get it done in one go.  We need
to get a “new” rotor and control unit, around $1000 max. Take the old ones
out, send them back to the company for credit, and have them give us a new
or refurb rotor and control unit. We’re looking around for other options in
terms of rotors – if you have suggestions for very reliable, durable
rotors, let us know. Moved by Don, seconded by Sam NV1P, none opposed.

The boat trailer with the tower on it needs some love and new paint – we’re
having a work party to clean up the trailer, probably sometime in May. Just
a heads up!

Anyone want some office furniture? It’s out by the door at the comms center
and needs a home.

General club idea:  Plastic magnet badges with our logo on it for the club
to sell.

Volunteer Calls

Bike MS ride from Cranbury Park on June 12th, we will need some operators
to volunteer for that.

Bloomin’ Metric is on May 22st, so we’ll need some operators for that.

Tree festival is also at Cranbury Park for parking help on May 21st (busy

American Legion Touch-a-Truck would like to have us back over Memorial Day

Thank you very much to Greg, KA1NGF, for his patience and help, and
generosity giving us a place to store our things in the trailer.

Motion moved to adjourn by George, Don seconded.

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