May 2018 Meeting Minutes

Present (19): K1TA, WB2JVB, AI1V, W1GIG, N1DPD, K1WYQ, KB1FFBX, KC1ISC, ND1L,

Department Reports
Finance: Bank account remains in good shape. Expecting costs for Field Day but nothing major.

Technical : As of yesterday have removed all of our wire antennas from roof so Fire Dept can repair the roof. Tower is still up. Dual band mag mount up for VHF/UHF. Will probably put up end-fed long wires to replace the wire antennas so that we don’t have to go up on the roof to deal with our antennas.

Education : General class not rescheduled yet, probably for the fall because too many people do not want to attend a class over the summer. We will have PL-259 soldering demo Weds 5/16
Soldering class two weeks ago was very successful. We still have a few kits left if anyonewants to buy one.

Special Events : Bowling night last week – 10 people attended, lot of fun. Will aim to do another in June.
Providing radio support for the Bloomin Metric charity bike ride (5/10), the MS Ride (June 10), the Fairfield Half Marathon (June 3). Need people for all three.

Membership : 112 members – 82 paid, the rest comp or life members.

Field Day – June 23/24
Tower Trailer – have documentation from Tim, going to DMV. Possibility of getting temporary
plates that will be good for a few weeks.
Expect to get Wilton/Weston CERT generator, with the VHF beam on the generator (generator
is same model as what norwalk used to provide)

Discussed feed line and power cables. We think we are okay
AA1XV has filed for the permit to use Veteran’s Park

Paul reports that laptops have batteries, router needs a UPS

We are missing the 80 meter dipole, need to find (probably in the trailer)

40 meter wire beam is in the trailer. Should be checked

Have 4 good tents, Dave lending one, Paul lending one, PPL will be ordering one more, LYZ can lend another 10×10. We think we’re good. Floorboards in the trailer, as are the tablesChairs are the foldups from comm center. We just bought a grill.

K1WYQ and KB1YOZ in charge of food – Sat evening picnic dinner (cookout) nothing elaborate.
Most likely pizza lunch Saturday. Bacon and eggs Sunday breakfast. Some discussion about
Sat lunch, thought we need more protein.
$500 allocated for food.

Hugo concerned about GOTA station – we have lots of newbies. Need good GOTA coach. Will be using multi-band vertical for GOTA.
Hugo’s antenna plan
● 40 meter wire beam
● tower 10/15/20
● need to find 80 meter antenna
● JVB has 6 meter beam
● multiband vertical for GOTA
AI1V will handle messages, media, solar battery, arrl message, education WB2JVB has taken care of the computers and network. We will use the N3FJP logging software. Will be using WiFi for computers, with cat5 in trailer for backup.

K1TA will be the safety officer.

Operators should familiarize themselves with radios and software BEFORE Field Day.

GET BOXES FOR COMPUTER SCREENS and for IC-7300 screen (to provide shade for
reading screens).
Meeting adjourned about 8:45pm.
Submitted by Jon AI1V

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