November 2013 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by President Jay NE2Q at 8:07pm

Jay introduced the board members

Guests: Phil Segneri WN1CRX.

Jay asked all in attendance to go around the room, & introduce themselves, & say how many hours per year they spend operating.

Public Service: Tim reported on the S.E.T. conducted last Saturday on 2 meters, 440, & HF. Hugo & Toy talked about GNARC’s participation on J.O.T.A. with the scouts.

Fred K1FC reminded everyone about a VE session coming up this Saturday morning in Stamford at the Government Center.

New members: none

Upgrades: none

Jay asked for someone to make a motion to have the secretary’s report accepted as posted on the GNARC website. Jim KC1FB made the motion, seconded by Steve Verbil NA1SV.

Sam NV1P spoke about participating in the NYC Marathon. He & Rachel KB1VWJ were at mile 23. I mentioned that I was at mile 22, with 2 other guys.

Old Business: Jay asked again about anyone who’d know about any 718’s that might be available for the club (to buy??) or otherwise acquire for use at FD.

Jay mentioned about the holiday party, stating he’s made mention of it to WECA, CARA, FARA, & SARA. He also said a very accurate head count is needed, & no verbal commitments will be accepted this year. This “policy” is being utilized so GNARC doesn’t wind up paying unnecessarily for “no show” meals.

Treasurer’s report: Jim KC1FB said with the addition of money rec’d from the AWA items, & other equipment sold, GNARC is “doing quite well”. We are also keeping current on our storage container.

After an approx 20 minute break, Tim W1GIG gave a video presentation about a 200 KW transmitting station. The station went on-the-air in 1925, & remained (on-the-air) into the mid-50’s. The station is in Sweden, & its call is SAQ.

Jay asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Jim KC1FB made the motion, seconded by Paul Lourd WB2JVB at 9:35pm.

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