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January 2013 Minutes

  • President Vlad Spitzer W1ZP called meeting to order at 8:00pm
  • Floor turned over (almost immediately) to Tim Walker W1GIG for new

    Board-of-Directors nominating committee report.

  • Tim gave the following slate:

    Jay Kolinsky NE2Q as President
    Sam Dick NV1P as VP
    Marty Diamond KA1WBN as Sec’y
    Jim Francoeur KC1FB (remaining on) as Treas

  • The floor now being opened for nominations, Vlad Spitzer also nominated Marty for President & Paul Lourd WB2JVB for Sec’y.
  • While Don Hudson KA1TZR collected ballots, Sam NV1P announced a TR switch he had put on the reflector & offered sign-up’s for all parties interested.
  • After ballots were counted, Tim announced a narrow victory by Jay over Marty. After Tim’s announcement, Jay got up & said a few words.
  • Jay asked for a motion to accept the minutes for Dec 2012. Motion seconded by Jim KC1FB.
  • Jim then reported that the club is in good financial shape.
  • 3 new guests had a chance to introduce themselves, one of which was a

    yet-to-be-licensed realtor named Mike Valiante, who was interested in checking GNARC out.

  • Meeting adjorned by Jay NE2Q at 8:20pm. Rest of evening devoted to socializing.

    Marty Diamond, KA1WBN GNARC Secretary