September 2015 Minutes

Meeting called to order at: 7:32
Number of attendees: 19

July meeting minutes accepted at 7:33 by NV1P, seconded by K1FC

Vice-President (Charles, N1LLL) report: Nothing much to report, we’ve done some stuff with the repeaters, haven’t figured out how to prevent stepping on each other, but we’re working on it.

Treasurer (Jim, K1FC) report: The club’s finances are in pretty good shape, unfortunately we didn’t make as much money at AWA sellling as we usually do. Tim and Jim went up to Boxboro to see if that was a valid alternative to AWA, and we may go up there instead next year.

New faces: Peter, KC1PWH, Jean, AA1RJ. Welcome to the club!

Announcements: George, AB1QK, will head up a work party to finish buffing the comms center floor and send out an email to drum up volunteers. Come out!
–We approved club signs to be made, a sign on the fence is allowed by the city, and Charles has agreed to design a logo for the sign.
–We need to start requesting nominations to the board, and we would like for people to self-nominate. speak to Toy if you’re interested in a position on the board.

Something to think about: Should Echolink/IRLP come back to our repeater? Do you miss them? We’d tie it to New Canaan if you think they should come back. Let Jess (ND1L) know if you are pining for them.

New business:

Holiday party will be held at Laurel Athletic Club on either a Wednesday or Thursday in the second week of December. Thursday was the more popular vote of the two, but we’ll see when the Laurel Club has the room available.
October 4 – Bikes for Bikes! Please come out and help. Starts in Sherwood Island, snakes through Easton to finish again at Sherwood, you’ll be assigned either a rest stop or ridealong.
November 8 – NY Marathon! Signup forms are due on the 28th. If you would like more info, send Sam an email. Super awesome and fun event.
GNARC reflector having issues with optimum online addresses – these users are either getting delayed messages or bouncebacks. May be an optimum online issue and not with us, but we’re not sure. John Kalotai spoke to HQ and they reported having issues with optimum, so if you’re having issues, switch to gmail for now until they’re sorted.

Windows 10 presentation regarding the new OS’ security by John Perelstein: see the GNARC website if you’d like to view it!

Meeting adjourned at 9:18.

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