April 2015 Minutes

President Sam NV1P, called the meeting to order at 19:40  Local time, in the GNARC/ Norwalk Comm Center.

Nine seconds into the meeting,  a motion was made to accept the minutes of the previous meeting, and it was seconded most enthusiastically.

Sam Introduced one of our members,
Joel Hallas, W1ZR …  Technical Editor for QST Magazine (Ret.), and writer of the monthly QST column “The Doctor is in”.
Joel made a very interesting and informative presentation covering “Stealthy Antennas.”
His presentation was supported by slides, and ran 71 minutes.
A wealth of information including but not limited to; Visual & propagation characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, vis-a-vis radiation patterns, efficiency & the effect of certain operating modes, bandwidth, construction and deployment methods.
Indoor, Outdoor, rain gutter, and disguised antennas were among the many examples mentioned. The strategy of raising an antenna after dark and removing it before dawn was suggested.  He discussed ‘Flagpole Antennas’, as well as camouflaged antennas.
Joel touched on the possible negative effect of radiated signals on household systems and fire alarms, lighting controls etc.
The effect of the different types of ‘ground’ on antennas.
For example, ‘Ground’ that is out at 400 feet where reflections occur, and there is the ground that is directly under your antenna.
Joel characterized ‘Salt water as a ground plane’ as being very close to a ‘perfect ground’.

His remarks covered a wide range of information, in considerable depth. Anyone may search the QST Archives for articles written by Joel Hallas.

Following Joel’s 71 minute, “elbow in the soup” presentation on ‘Stealthy Antennas …’  there was a significant question and answer period.

Questions on the presentation may be Emailed to “Doctor@ARRL.ORG”

The Business meeting was then called to Order by our President, Sam NV1P

Discussion included;

Announcement by Paul WB2JVB:

On Sat April 3rd at the Comm Center, an ARES/Red Cross buildup test was held:

Locations:  three VHF to Stamford, Fairfield, Trumbull, & Bridgeport.

Testing was conducted over analog & digital VHF & UHF Radio. Hub location was the Norwalk Comm Center. The Test was a success!

Paul WB2JVB announced: The Norwalk Fire department is in need of Volunteers to install smoke detectors on Saturday morning, for the underprivileged members of our Community.

Requirements are “A Couple hours on Saturday morning.”

Sam has a sign up sheet.

Time will be from 09:30 to approx noon [correction: ending 4pm], on Saturday Morning, April 11, 2015.

Volunteers will Assemble at 21 Concord St, Norwalk, CT
(1st Baptist Church.)

Fire Dept will provide Smoke Detectors, Tools & Ladders.


Sam announced:

Request for Volunteers for the Annual Tree festival May 16th (conflicts W Dayton Time !)
Please make an effort to support the Tree Festival. Signup form is on the website.

Hugo Catta announced: Volunteers will be needed in support of the Boy Scout Jamboree on May 16th.

They want a Ham CE workshop for the kids to be introduced to sending their names in code.

Two things are needed:

(1)    Code Oscillators. ($39 each/ discounted to $26each, a total 10 oscillators would be $260.

Asking for donations for the club to purchase and retain these devices.

It was also suggested that persons or businesses may want to donate a device by paying for it and a fixing  a promotional tag to the  Oscillator.

(2)    Volunteers will be needed to run the CW event at the Jamboree. It is expected that about 70 scouts will take part in the cw ops. Perhaps they can form up in 7 groups of 10.

Hugo, AA1XV is the point of contact for this event. They will also have Info booth, Fox Hunting, APRS (They are predicting 3,000 campers) not all in the same location.

At precisely 21:12 hrs a Motion to adjournwas made by “Dee” N1ZD Seconded by “Steve” NA1SV. Meeting was adjourned at 21:12 hrs.

An audio copy of the “Biz Portion” of the meeting is available on request from George, AB1QK.

No Antennas were erected, nor was any radiation was released during the meeting. Minutes taken by: George Flay / AB1QK

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