April 2018 Meeting Minutes


Because of guests present, we had the presentation first and then called the meeting to order at 8:20.

Finance : Bank account is in very good shape.

Technical : Failure of the primary 2 meter and 70cm DMR repeaters today sometime around 5pm. Curt W1FSM and Mike N1PLH investigated, found it was the power supply running the controllers. They swapped in a different power supply and both repeaters are back on the air. Other than that, nothing significant to report from the Technical Department

Membership : Currently 110 members. About 85 paid members – the rest are lifetime members, graduates of our recent Technician class who were given one year free membership, and newly licensed hams from our VE sessions (also given one year free membership).

Education : The City of Norwalk has asked us to hold off on the general class until it can repair the plumbing problems in the building. An expected repair date has NOT been provided. We did not have any candidates at the April VE session.

Special Events : Prepare for a major snow event on April 25 because Joe KC1AUH is once again going to attempt to run the soldering class (both attempts last month were cancelled by major snow events). Either that or we will have a tornado on April 25. Or both.

Field Day : Hugo AA1XV has volunteered to be Field Day Captain. He notes that there is a limit to his time and he needs help from others. He will focus on radios/antennas and operations. Others in the club have already offered to assist, including: Paul WB2JVB and Paul W1PPL equipment, Jon AI1V copying ARRL Field Day message and also Field Day NTS messages, Jim KC1FB various other tasks, Toy K1WYQ (food)

Hugo AA1XV notes that this is a good opportunity for GOTA points because of all the new technician class hams we have created in the past year. We will need a good GOTA mentor.

Jon AI1V noted that our tents were pretty well beaten up last year, including one destroyed. We will have to check the status of the tents in early May and then buy replacements. Also we should find the side panels and make sure they are available in case of rain. We should also collect suitable cardboard boxes so that we can see the computer screens in daylight.

Paul W1PPL reported that Paul WB2JVB has enough computers and has tested them. Paul W1PPL reported that we will use generators from Wilton CERT rather than use the City’s generator that has failed a couple of times in a couple of years.

Hugo AA1XV will contact the City and reserve our space at the park. It was suggested that he do so ASAP.
Hugo AA1XV noted that the choice of 2A vs. 3A will depend on how many people sign up to operate on Field Day. He does not want to put three stations on the air unless they will be staffed a full 24 hours each. He intends to ask for sign-ups before Field Day and will make the decision based on number of sign-ups.

Jon AI1V and Paul W1PPL noted that the trailer with the beam is neither licensed nor insured. Because of liability to the club, the officers of the club, and the members, the Board does not want to use it unless it is licensed and insured (insurance may be covered by the person towing the trailer, but only if it’s licensed). Toy K1WYZ will contact Tim W1GIG and start asking the questions that need to be asked. Toy K1WYQ will plan on a barbecue for Saturday night. If we don’t have a lot of people, we will cater from something like Stew Leonards. Hugo AA1XV noted the need for a good Sunday morning breakfast.
Hugo AA1XV wants us to be competitive in whichever class he selects. He is asking for people to sign-up beforehand and to come to the Comm Center at some point before Field Day for training in operating the radios and in using the logging software.
Thanks to Steve W1SMS for his presentation on automation and remote control of his shack. The word “shack” does not begin to describe the level of sophistication of what he has and the presentation – as good as it was – probably did not do justice to all that Steve has accomplished.

Meeting adjourned at about 8:45pm.
Submitted by Jon AI1V

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