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2 Meter Net

Every Wednesday night (EXCEPT MEETING NIGHTS) at 8PM Eastern GNARC has a general rag chew net. Usually a “topic of the week” and then open discussion. Join on in!

W1NLK 146.475 PL 100 +1Meg Offset

Hosted by Sam, NV1P. Have suggestions for topics or comments?

Email Sam Here.


CERT/ARES 2 Meter Net – Tuesdays

Tuesday evenings, at 8pm eastern, there is a CERT/ARES net on the 2 meter (146.475) repeater. The net discusses emergency preparedness topics and other issues relevant to CERT or ARES. All hams are welcome, no need to be a CERT or ARES member! We typically have 10 to 15 checkins from all over Fairfield County. Come join us.

This net is temporarily suspended! Notices will be sent to email reflectors when it starts back up.

10 Meter Informal Net

An INFORMAL 10 Meter Non-Directed Rag Chew net meets every Thursday at 8PM on 28.400 Mhz USB.

Feel free to check in! This net was developed to encourage new licensees to try out their HF privileges. If you are a Tech, and have HF capability this is for you!

If you need help setting up your rig, jump on the 2 Meter Repeater and don’t hesitate to ask for help.


Daily 40 Meter Net

A mini-net on 40 meters at 7178 KHz starting at 8:00 am Eastern Time daily except Sundays. It normally runs until around 8:30 at which time folks leave for work/play, or 20 meters (14305) or to 60 meters.