Charles N1LLL and Erika KC1BLS recognized at holiday party

At this year’s holiday party, Charles and Erika were among those recognized for supporting the club above and beyond the call of duty. Charles revamped the club web site, partnered with Curt W1FSM to greatly upgrade our repeater systems, and initiated a liaison with Norwalk’s Emergency Management Group. GNARC now sits in on the monthly EMD meetings, which is a great partnership.

But the major milestone in 2014 was the establishment of a GNARC communications center. With Chris WO1T, Charles was able to secure a permanent space for the club in one of the FD buildings. He managed virtually all of the project, including the installation of the tower (which first had to be removed from the old Red Cross building!), beam and all sorts of other equipment. We would not have the center without his work. Charles led the clean up, painting and outfitting of the space, and organized the  many many GNARC volunteers who helped.

In recognition, Charles received a beautiful painting of his boat, crafted by our artist in residence, Dan N1ZZ.

N1LLL receives gift

Erika KC1BLS has given up much of her time to work on the center as well. From cleaning, painting, organizing to  installing the beam, she pitched in wherever needed! And she puts up with Charles spending so much time with us. For this, she was awarded dinner for two at Paloma restaurant.

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