Communications Center To Do List

Please contact Curt W1FSM at 2o3-454-o4o8 or Charles N1LLL at 2o3-247-1685 to coordinate a date to come work on these items. This is your opportunity to help GNARC!!

Wall TV'sTroubleshoot and repair (probably power supply capacitors) Quantity 2No
VHF/UHFComplete station layout/integration...No
Video LinksSetup video link to FD HQ. Check out all Oyster Fest equipmentNo
Millennium repeaterModify and tune for 2 meter backup repeater (program it too)No
VHF Hi PwrCheck out VHF rack repeater/modify for Arcom controller, order Freq ElementsNo
UHF Hi PwrClean/checkout UHF rack repeater/modify for Arcom, order Freq Elements.No
Clean UpRemove all old food, get ready for Red CrossNo
Remove OCF dipoleAt request of FDNo
Rig control/loggingInterface HF rig N3FJP logging computerYes