February 2014 Meeting Minutes

GNARC meeting minutes February 2014
-Meeting called to order by President Sam NV1P at 8:00pm

-Sam made a motion that January’s minutes be accepted. Dee N1ZD had a correction – his call is wrong in the January minutes. Sec’y said the correction will be made. Jim KC1FB motioned, Paul WB2JVB seconded.

-Todd K1TMS Smith was welcomed to the room (Todd is also Norwalk FD’s deputy chief in charge of training.

-New HAMS/Visitors:

  •  Brian KC1BAT Mc Dermott
  • Eric KB1ZIR Light
  • Chuck K1CWT Teichert III
  • Douglas WA1SFH Sharafanowich
  • Sarah Hansen (Chris WO1T’s daughter, as yet unlicensed!!!!)

-No upgrades

-Treasurer’s report: GNARC is doing very well (actual figures on file with treasurer)

-Committees: PIO: Announcement made about the second annual invite from the American Legion, to set up a special event station on the Legion’s grounds, to commemorate “Weekend At The Post – a thank you to all our troops, & veterans, & their families”.

-No old business

-New Business: Tom Alessi K1TA proposed creating a Paypal account to help facilitate payments from club members for dues, etc. There was some discussion.

-Sam entertained discussion about making FD more of a family type event, including a real picnic (including better managed food, friendly but competitive contesting, etc).

-Sam also broached the subject of investigating other venue’s for GNARC’s holiday party. A mention was made that establishments book early.

-Sam suggested possibly creating an “ask the doctor” technical net. There was some discussion.

-Sam suggested the possibility of an NTS traffic net. Douglas described NTS for those not understanding this system. Douglas & Sam jointly mentioned the possibility of a (training) class to try it in the future.

-Toy gave an overview of ARES, & said members are always welcome.

-There was discussion about other various ways to publicize GNARC & HAM radio in general, i.e.: pamphlets, maker fairs, posting flyers in hobby shops, commercial radio broadcasts with public service announcements, contacting schools, retirement facilities, etc.

-A suggestion was made about possibly – when Spring comes – commandeering a picnic table at the beach some weekend day & setting up a small station………to attract attention…… Marty said he would try calling the Parks & Rec director for permission.

-Sam additionally said he’d like to see GNARC (HAMs in general) do more for/with the public than just public service events. He has volunteered at soup kitchens, & participated in walks/bike races (as a participant instead of a radio operator), to “give back to the community” more.

-A Charity car road rally is approaching – on April 12th. This rally starts in Westport, & ends in Woodbury(?) CT, by way of parts of NY, is an all-day event, & is in need of about 6 teams of 2 each, one being a HAM.

– Tim W1GIG is recuperating in Meadow Ridge (Redding) from a procedure. He has an HT & has been heard on the air. He may be contacted at 203-544-7733 ext: 579.

-Douglas gave a very informative presentation on Packet radio (THANKS DOUG!!)

-Motion to adjourn by Dee N1ZD, seconded by Toy at 9:55pm.

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