February 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:37

23 members and one guest in attendance

We start with going around the room and saying a bit about ourselves. This
was a fun catchup!

New business:

Coming up June 12th is the MS bike ride, which starts in Calf Pasture Beach
in Norwalk. We did it last year and it went really well. We’re waiting to
hear back (hopefully will hear back by the 20th) if they need us again. We
need volunteers to run sag wagons and helping out with comms in general.
Updates on the website to follow. Let us know if you want to help out! We’d
love to have you.

The Bloomin’ Metric is on May 22nd, volunteers needed for that as well!

Greenwich Kennel Club’s all-breed dog show at Taylor Farms in Norwalk wants
us to run comms for them this summer as well, details to follow.

Greg the UPS man is renovating his store and needs to bring in a large
dumpster, so the trailer and container have to be emptied. We have the rest
of this month to get everything out. Everything will move to the comms
center for the moment. Most of it is for Field Day, so we need to figure
out where it’s going to live. If you’d like some new stuff in your
basement, please let Charles know. There’s a possibility that we may be
able to keep the trailer at Fire Station 4, but it’s not set in stone yet.
The tower also needs maintenance so Charles will be getting a work crew
together in the near future to help repair it.


Assembly and erection of Kio Broadband Hexagonal-beam antenna, competitor
to the spider beam, presented by George. His presentation will be on the
website for general consumption. Enjoy! It seems like a great antenna and
well worth the money.

“P40 Boys” video to follow.

Meeting adjourned at 8:36, motioned by K1RF and seconded by NV1P.

Have a great ham radio month!

Rachel Ambrose
GNARC Secretary

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