February 2019 Meeting Minutes

Greater Norwalk Amateur Radio Club (GNARC) Meeting Minutes 02/13/2019
Present (13): K1TA, K1DSG, N1DPD, KB1UOB, AI1V, K4JCS, ND1L, KC1AUH, N1CT, N1ZD, AA1XV, W1SMS, W1GIG

Meeting opened 7:30 by K1TA Meeting minutes from January 2019 approved.

Department Reports:
Finance:​ Checking and savings both good.
Communications​: No communications of note.
Board​: No board actions this month. The Board did not meet because too many members are in Florida.
Technical Committee:​ Some problem with the N1LLL repeater last week. Was checked out by K4JCS and N1LLL, nothing significant found. May have just been snow/ice on the antenna. Seems to be working properly now. Everything else working properly.

Comm center roof is still not complete. Until it is, we cannot re-install the low band HF antenna (30-80 meters). Also, need to get on roof to re-tie the beam’s coax and rotor cables to the mast.
Public Service:​ Nothing upcoming in the next month.
The major public service events for spring/summer have now finalized their dates: Fairfield Half Marathon – Sunday June 2 Bloomin Metric – Sunday June 9 (was formerly mid May) MS Ride – Sunday June 23 (was formerly early June). Conflicts with Field Day but we expect to be able to staff this.
Education Committee:​ A number of people suggested a General class for the spring since there have been two or three Tech classes in the area recently. Education committee has not finalized but intends to do so this month.
Special Events:​ Nothing scheduled in the next month.
Field Day:​ AA1XV accepted position as Field Day captain. Stamford club has contacted us about doing a joint field day this year because their normal site is not available. K1TA and AA1XV to contact them and see what can be worked out.

The meeting was closed at 8:05 pm.

Jess noted that there is an upswell of D-Star activity in the area.

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