GNARC Feb 2013 Meeting minutes

Meeting called to order by GNARC VP Sam NV1P at 8:03pm.

Don KA1TZR gave a presentation about the history of the Greater Norwalk Amateur Radio Club.

Old Business: Marty KA1WBN gave an update about the Norwalk Library, in preparation for a special event station planned for springtime, to boost popularity of amateur radio & hopefully generate more club members for GNARC. There is a 5-Band tunable receiver inside (the library) for public use by anyone interested in getting into the hobby. It uses an “inverted V” type antenna on the library’s roof. It is the hope, that for the (special event) station, extra coax can be connected to this “inverted V” & used to make contacts. Additional news is expected in the coming months as this event takes further shape.

Sam NV1P reminded members that dues are due March 31st, & those members whose dues are not paid by that time risk deletion from GNARC’s roster.

Public Service: Paul N1II announced that there will be an exhibit at Cranbury Park in Norwalk on Sat, May 11th, & any club members available are needed to assist with traffic control & parking, from approx 9:30am – 3:00pm.

A few New Members were in attendance & introduced themselves.

New Business: Charles N1LLL (GNARC’s new webmaster) talked about the club’s redesigned website.

Sam NV1P & Marty KA1WBN reminded members there would be a joint

meeting next month at CTSARA’s clubhouse. It is hoped that in

addition to CTSARA & GNARC, that CARA & FARA clubs would also attend.

The guest speaker for this joint meeting will be Betsey Doane K1EIC. Due to

this joint March meeting, GNARC will not hold its own meeting, but will

resume in April.

Treasurer’s report: some members have paid, but specific dollar amounts are not available by meeting time. Treasurer (Jim KC1FB) not in attendance.

An announcement was made that Jay NE2Q asked Ned KA1CVV to coordinate “Echolink” back on the 2 meter repeater.

There was brief discussion of the pros & cons of having both Echolink AND IRLP on both repeaters, & cross-linking them together.

Sam NV1P passed around a condolence card for (silent key) Lewis Tenzer N2LU, which was signed by all members present & mailed to the family within the next 2 days.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45pm.

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