January 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:34. There were 23 members in attendance.
Old Business:
Lifetime Achievement Plaques issued to Don Hudson, Jim Franceour, and Toy Alladin.

KM2KM, a longtime GNARC member, emailed us. He runs an AM group every morning at 8 AM on 7178. Join in if you want! Don Ripley started this net, and sadly passed away on Monday, January 8th. He was an instrumental GNARC member who worked at CBS. He had moved to Florida after a boating accident in Connecticut. He will be missed.

New Business:
Winter Field Day is coming up! It’ll be taking place on January 30-31st.
Sam will be spearheading opening the comms center, please contact him if
you wish to participate. It’s more laid back than summer field day, but
still very fun – and Rachel promises chili!

Sam thanked everyone who came out tonight to vote.

VP Report:

Charles asks that GNARC members stay off the roof. In other
Comms Center-related news, the Red Cross will be moving in shortly, so if
you see them, be friendly and good neighbors. If they need any comms
assistance, we will be very happy to help them.

Treasury Report:

We incurred some expenses to renew gnarc.org‘s internet domain name for five years, other than that we haven’t spent anything and the treasury is in good shape.

The minutes for each meeting will be henceforth distributed via the GNARC reflector.

Election-Related News:

The nominating board will be dissolving – as of next year, we’ll decide whether we’ll want a nominating committee going forward. Our bylaws state that we have to have one, but we can rewrite them if we so choose. If you have any opinions on having a nominating committee versus not having one, talk to George or Charles.

2016 GNARC Officer Nominations:

There is only one change – Sam Dick is now the outgoing president and George Flay, AB1QK, is the nominated incoming president.

Officers nominated:

VP: Charles Lelievre, N1LLL
Secretary: Rachel Ambrose KB1VWJ
Treasurer: Jim Franceour KC1FB

No more nominations from the floor. 2016 Officer Slate is set in stone.

Dee motioned for an adjournment, George seconded, meeting adjourned at 8:06.

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