July 2014 Minutes

  • Meeting called to order by President Sam NV1P at 8:07pm
  • Special raffle held by Toy K1WYQ before start of the meeting
  • New members: none
  • V.P.: no report
  • Trustee: no report
  • Upgrades: none
  • Old Business: none

  • Secretary’s Report: Field day press release and pictures are enroute to both the ARRL and the press.
  • Paul WB2JVB said that during a recent CERT/ARES net,  there was an exercise with several hams going to varied locations (shelters, EOC’s)  in Stamford, Norwalk, Wilton and Fairfield,  and passed traffic BY HT’S ONLY.
  • Paul and Charles N1LLL suggested an exercise simulating a total loss of the repeater system.
  • Toy is helping to plan the annual GNARC picnic, and we should pick a date that works mutually for the majority.
  • A show of hands was asked for, whether to have the picnic on either Thursday August 7th, or Friday the 8th , to be held at Cranbury Park, OR Paul’s house. 9 voted for Thursday, 1 for Friday.  Cranbury Park was given as an option, so the park could also be assessed for its potential usefulness for next years Field Day.
  • Jess ND1L inquired about whether whoever is doing repeater improvements is being compensated or not.
  • Steve K1RF asked the treasury to produce actual figures for next meeting.
  • Announcement was made that John N1OLO is planning a Sheffield Island Lighthouse DXepidition for August 16-18. He’s looking for anyone interested. It was also mentioned that this DXepidition is NOT GNARC sanctioned, but anyone can participate. Sam will talk to N1OLO about any new info.
  • Sam announced that Vladamir (from “Mini Makers”) set up a tent at Field Day. He’ll be holding classes for those interested, and details will be put on the reflector.
  • Charles & Jess had an Echolink/IRLP discussion concerning the 440 repeater.
  • There was a post FD discussion.
  • Toy proposed buying a grill and utilizing a 2nd tent at FD for people to congregate away from the sun. Toy will get prices. Tim W1GIG motioned (& seconded) to allow Toy to price and buy a grill and tent.
  • Charles motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Rachel KB1VWJ at 9:40pm.

Respectfully Submitted
Martin KA1WBN Diamond

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