July 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:40 pm

Attendance: 17

Old Business: Treasurer report: In good shape in checking and savings.

Field Day Wrap-up: Paul, Sam, and George really stepped up to make Field Day happen, so much thanks to them. Considering the small amount of people who participated, we did really well. We should definitely document our mistakes and things that need tweaking in order to do better next year. This year’s Field Day was rather hurriedly put together so we had to put out some fires as they happened, which isn’t ideal. A dry run might be helpful two to four weeks before it happens next year to make sure everything works and everyone knows where crucial pieces of equipment are. Some of our Field Day equipment is in need of repair so we need to take things out, make sure they work, and fix them if they don’t. We can practice putting up antennas, setting up rigs, and figuring out where everything should be positioned at Vets’ Park. This would also be a good chance for newer/younger members to learn how to put up the beam and then we can use it next year for Field Day. The beam itself is also in need of some repair, so it really needs to be a club project. Would anyone like to spearhead this?

New Business:
— There was an idea put forth by Chris Mai (KB1YLC) to use one of the Norwalk Island for Islands on the Air July 30th – 31. This would be a mini DXpedition and we would have to find someone with a boat to take us, equipment, and food out there. Light Up the Lighthouse August 20th – 21st would be a similar idea but with more ease of access, and later in the summer so more people will probably be available. Details to follow!

— Our Comm Center floor really needs some TLC. We agreed to hire local contractors to strip, seal and wax the floor for $350. There was a vote for allocating club funds, moved by Paul WB2JVB, seconded by Chris Mai KB1YLC. There were 13 yays, 0 opposed. We will be doing it either the 16th or 22nd. It will be announced over the reflector which day it will be.

Tech committee report: There is an ongoing effort to refresh the radios we have, as some of our stuff is getting a bit old and dated. So we’re going to be selling some of the older radios (2 Kenwood, 3 Yaesus) and buying 2 (or more) 7300s or something very fancy and new to use for here and Field Day. This way, we can get training on them at the comms center and then use them on Field Day, so there won’t be a learning curve on Field Day with unfamiliar radios. Want an older radio? Talk to Charles or Paul about the one you want and they might be able to strike you a deal.

-There will be the annual Club Picnic next month at Lisa’s on the 14th at 1 pm. Her address is 58 Woodhill Rd, Wilton. Food will be hot dogs, hamburgers, and potluck, so bring your faves.

Move to adjourn made by Hugo AA1XV,, seconded by Sam NV1P. Meeting adjourned at 8:37.

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