JULY Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by President Jay NE2Q at 8:24pm

Members introduced themselves: guest Will Mills KB1PXQ

Marty KA1WBN mentioned making phone contact with Art Santella K1VKO. Art mentioned he’d like to return to the hobby more, & possibly putting up 2-Meters. He now has the frequencies & PL’s so he can listen for now.

Toy announced Public Service events coming up:

       Sept 8th – Cystic fibrosis Ride

       Sept 28th – North East Community Cycles Bikes4Bike

                          “Fall Foliage” Ride

(These will be joint GNARC/CTSARA events)

Toy K1WYQ made a motion that the June minutes may be accepted as read on GNARC’s website……seconded by Tim W1GIG

Jay said he has the Treasurer’s figures from Jim KC1FB for Field Day:

$234.35 hardware for beams & repairs

$176.06 food

$410.41 Total

Field Day was critiqued.

Jay proposed that the club purchase some used ICOM IC-718 transceivers to be used for future Field Day’s, due to their ease of operation. Toy said he thinks the club may have one, & will report back at a future meeting.  Jay contacted the family of Lewis Tenzer N2LU (Silent Key) and is waiting to see if they will donate his IC-718 to GNARC.

Jay NE2Q made special mention to thank George Flay AB1QK & Paul Lourd WB2JVB for their efforts.

In addition to AB1QK & WA2JVB, also special thanks to those who helped with set-up & take-down, incl: Gus W1BV, Tim W1GIG, Jim KC1FB, Jay NE2Q Will KB1PXQ , Hugo AA1XV, Dee N1ZD, Rachel KB1VWJ, Sam NV1P, Chris W1CF, Marcel YO7ARY, Marty KA1WBN (anyone else omitted by accident only)

Extra special thanks to Tim W1GIG & a round of applause for so many years of dedication to Field Day.

Toy K1WYQ commented that extra measures need to be taken to be sure that any/all visitors are (almost) guaranteed to make a contact!!!!

Sam NV1P mentioned several points that need improvement for next year’s Field Day.

Hugo AA1XV gave a presentation of a breakdown of Field Day points, peak times of activity, etc.

Toy did a raffle: Kathleen KB1RJQ won a Leatherman!

Jay made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Sam at 10pm

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