June 2014 Minutes

Meeting called to order by President Sam NV1P at 8:04pm.
-Charles N1LLL played a public service announcement promoting GNARC Field Day. It was recorded by one of the DJ’s at the radio station.
-New members/guests: Ed Whitley KC1BWE, Greg Smith KC1BWT
Committee reports:
VP/Public Service: Charles N1LLL attended an OEM pre-hurricane meeting
Repeater Trustee: Charles N1LLL and Curt W1FSM advised that the courtesy tone(s) have changed.
Treasurer’s Report: There’s enough money for Field Day, and more people have joined (GNARC). We have also paid for repairs to the triplexer.
Secretary’s Report: All press releases have gone out. The ARRL announced Harry Abery AB1ER is now a silent key. He was a DEC, a member of NARL and worked at the ARRL. The ARRL also announced that help is needed for the Convention and World Radiosport Team Championship. The WRTC is July 12th and 13th, and volunteers are needed for a variety of assignments, including but not limited to videography, communications support, work with computers, and transportation. Contact the ARRL for more details.
-Toy K1WYQ said the State EPPI (Emergency Planning Preparatory Initiative) is a “table-top”, & is scheduled for June 21st & 23rd. ARES will be present on request from the SEOC and the DEMHS. The ARC will simulate the opening of regional shelters.
Old Business:
-Sam reported the Bloomin’ Metric went very well. Paul WB2JVB commented about some situations during the event requiring notification to 9-1-1, and Toy commented about some technical radio issues that were handled.
-Vlad W1ZP made a motioned that May’s minutes be accepted on GNARC’s website. Jim KC1FB seconded the motion.
New Business:
– Curt commented about the Fairfield half marathon, saying more operators are needed for Sunday morning, the 22nd. The event should be over by about noon, and to see Toy or himself (Curt) for details. Also, there’ll be a meeting for the marathon at 9:00am on this coming Saturday morning, at the Fairfield Fire Dept training grounds (1 Rod Highway). Meeting notice to be posted on the reflector.
-Based on last month’s tabled motion to change the meeting time:
Jay NE2Q suggested 10 minutes for discussion time. Following discussion, several votes were taken. Note: only paid members eligible to vote.
a)Change the meeting time – 15 in favor, 4 against, no abstentions.
b)Change to 2 different meeting times/year (to align with Daylight Savings) 2 in favor, 15 against, no abstentions.
c)Change time to 7:00pm – 1 in favor.
d)Change time to something OTHER than 7:00pm – 12 in favor.
e)Change time to 7:30pm – 17 in favor.
New time (7:30pm) will start for October’s meeting.
-Field Day discussion
-Sam says it’s time to “Hamvangelize”!  (Talk it up!)
-Paul WB2JVB motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Chris WO1T
Meeting adjourned at 9:25pm

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