June 2018 Meeting Minutes


Department Reports

Finance: Bank account remains in good shape. Expecting costs for Field Day but nothing major.

Technical: Everything working fine. Had a second soldering class. Will throw out a few old coax cables. Charles LLL working with new owner of repeater tower to continue us on the tower.

Comm Center roof being replaced. We will be allowed to put up a dipole when they are done. Will leave us pads for walking on the roof. May have to take all radios out of radio room to allow for some welding.

Education: General class not rescheduled yet, probably for the fall because too many people do not want to attend a class over the summer. Will also consider a tech class for the late fall.

Had a second soldering class – worked on the club’s older coax cables for Field Day. Most of them are in bad shape and/or are low quality to begin with. Curt wants to throw out most of them.

Special Events:

Provided comms support for the Bloomin Metric charity bike ride (5/10), the MS Ride (June 10), the Fairfield Half Marathon (June 3). Very successful – got rave reviews from all three organizations. MS people feel that they could not put on the event without us.


115 members – 85 paid, the rest comp or life members. Considering mailing to expired members, will decide if physical mailing or email.

Business Meeting adjourned at about 7:45pm

Field Day Updates:

Food – K1WYQ and KB1YOZ. PPL will go shopping with them to pay. They’re finalizing plans but comfortable that everything is under control. Cookout Sat evening for Field Day.

Power, etc. – PPL and JVB – everything under control. Getting light tower from Norwalk FD, bringing Honda generators for power.

Tents and tables – PPL – we are good tents and tables. Four tents in trailer, plus a few being brought by others.

Chairs – will take the folding chairs from the Comm Center. Need someone who can pick up the chairs.

GIG handling the antenna tower trailer

Hugo has permit for use of Veterans Park – he has to coordinate to make sure bathrooms open, no issues about our staying overnight.

AI1V will do do messages, training class, field day message, information station. Literature materials and plastic holders in radio room.

AA1XV still unsure if 2A or 3A based on lack of signups
Either way, will set up 5 stations (3 HF, 1 GOTA, 1 VHF)

* K1TA will build some “ugly” chokes.
* AA1XV has found the filters.
* We are using the triplexer. Reminder triplexer needs 50 ohm dummy loads on unused ports.
* AA1XV – will use a vertical antenna for GOTA. AA1XV will set up.
* Other antennas as previously discussed.
* Need 100w tuner for GOTA station. PPL volunteered his.
* GIG needs 8 ft stepladder. Will use the 10 footer at the Comm Center.
* Good on rigs except need a 6 meter rig. K1TA has a yaesu 891.
* Want small power supplies – 25 to 30 amps – for each station. . AA1XV believes we have enough.
* AA1XV will put each station in a separate crate for ease of setup.
* Need computer mouses.
* Don’t have enough boom mics.
* Need to appoint a GOTA coach.
* Greg said he would donate boxes to shield the computer screens.
* KA1WBN will bring gaffers tape for mounting shields around the computer screens and maybe some rigs. Maybe get some blue tape.
* KC1FB Has slingshot for putting up antennas.
* AA1XV believes we have enough rope.
* Need 1:1 balun for wire beam. Had one last year, need to find it.
* AI1V to send personal email to everyone who took the classes asking them to come help, come operate.
* JVB has a UPS for the router.

Meeting adjourned about 8:45
Submitted by Jon, AI1V

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