June Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:40.

Members in attendance: 20.

Dan (N1ZZ) gave a presentation on his Field Day experiences and his ham radio history in general. Worthy of note in particular was his contribution to the US Army by assisting with running telephone patches. He started the New Canaan High School’s ham radio club when he was newly licensed. By 21, he had acquired Worked All Zones. He’s also placed 2nd in the world in the OKOM contest. Even for those of us who’ve known Dan for a long time, this was an engaging and entertaining talk. Given his recent announcement that he’s leaving our lovely state in favor of warmer climes, it was especially timely. Unfortunately there isn’t a powerpoint, but if you email Dan, he’ll be happy to set up a “sched” with you once he gets settled in his new home.


The MS Ride is coming up on June 12th at Cranbury Park – please volunteer! We need at least one more person! Please email Sam if you can make it.

Dinner June 16th at the Comms Center – please RSVP to Rachel or Sam by June 14th! The menu will be chicken tortilla soup, chips with guacamole and salsa, and brownies for dessert. If you would like to bring anything else, please feel free, but do let Rachel or Sam know in advance, and please bring enough to share with the whole class. Small donations to offset the cost will be gratefully accepted.


Saturday lunch will be Subway platters, chips and soda as we set up
Saturday dinner will be turkey chili with chips, dips (salsa, guacamole, French onion dip, etc), grilled bread, and brownies for dessert.
For breakfast Sunday, there will be bacon/sausage, eggs, and fruit.
Sunday lunch will be hot dogs and hamburgers to help us tear down.
A Kuerig machine and plenty of pods for coffee will be on demand!
If you would like to contribute anything or have any feedback on the menu, please contact Rachel no later than June 20th!

Allocated up to $1000 for food, motion made by George AB1QK, seconded by Jim (K1FC).

We had a head count and there are nine prospective operators for FD so far of those in attendance. Paul will put up a Genius signup sheet on gnarc.org for operating times and slots. Please sign up for the hours and bands of your choice there, and do it sooner rather than later.

The club will hopefully be able to use the Norwalk fire department’s light tower for mast and antenna mounting purposes.

The assembled members agreed that it was important to acquire band pass filters for 80M and 40M. The 20M, 15M, and 10M filters are built into the triplexer. We decided to allocate $400 toward this effort. Motion made by Steve K1RF, seconded by Hugo AA1XV.
Unless we have an unexpected abundance of operators, GNARC will be running 2A for FD.

Motion to adjourn made by George AB1QK, seconded by Sam NV1P, at 21:22.

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