Latest Field Day News!

Stay tuned to this page for all the latest info on the GNARC field day activities.

You need to sign up! See this post which has all the details and the instructions to use the online sign up. Remember you can always email one of the club officers and they will sign you up if you don’t want to do it online. The full member directory is here.

There are sign-ups for setup and operating and take down. PLEASE sign up, so we know you are coming!!

This year we will be back at Veterans Park in Norwalk, with the beam!

Remember that we have fantastic food thanks to Rachel, KB1VWJ.  We will feed all who show up, but we really appreciate your support in becoming a member!

Remember, if you don’t see your name here, we don’t have you as a member:

Also a reminder that while Saturday dinner is going to be for everyone who shows up the lunch is for those who help with setup.

Signup Form is Here This is the form to signup for operating. Please don’t be shy, everyone can operate! We will help you if you are new. No pressure, we do this for fun!!!

Don’t forget that hams are not the only ones invited. Feel free to bring the entire family. 

Even if you don’t feel like operating or eating this is a great chance to hang out with fellow members and have eyeball QSOs.

And while you may be tired of hearing it, we’re always looking for more people to help out. And thats not just setup and takedown, there’s plenty of things to do DURING the event.