March 2018 Minutes

Present (12): K1TA, WB2JVB, AI1V, KC1AUH, KC1FB, N1ZD, KC1ISA, KA1WBN, KC1ISC,

Meeting called to order at 7:30pm by K1TA. February meeting minutes approved.

Department Reports
Finance : We have money, we want more. Seriously, we are in solid financial shape.

Technical : Status quo. All repeaters operational. Had some interesting problems with the
D-Star and DMR repeater computers because of repeated power outages during the recent
storms. The facility at the hospital is on their generators, but not UPS. Some members may be
donating UPSs for those computers. The team is currently repairing backup power supplies.

Education : General class on hold due to Comm Center building repairs.

Special Events:
Field Day:
We need someone to run Field Day or we won’t have Field Day
The tower trailer (Field Day beam) is not licensed and is uninsured. We need to address this problem because it leaves the club at significant legal and financial risk.

Soldering Class: Soldering class coming up on 3/21.

Note that we generally meet for breakfast on Saturday mornings at the Silver Star Diner on Rt. 1 at 8am before opening the Comm Center at 9am.

Membership : Currently 104 members. About 80 paid members – the rest are lifetime members, graduates of our recent Technician class who were given one year free membership, and newly licensed hams from our VE sessions (also given one year free membership).

Dues are now due for 2018. Payable by check or thru Paypal on our website. The club provides three months grace on dues.

Call for a Program Coordinator to determine the interests of the membership and arrange for programs on those subjects.

Meeting adjourned 7:50pm.
WA1SFH provided a short presentation on attracting youth to ham radio.
Submitted by AI1V

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