March 2019 Meeting Minutes

Present (17): K1TA, W1PPL, AI1V, N1ZD, K1DSG, K4JCS, KB1UOB, KC1AUH, KC1FB, N1DPD, K1RF, AA1XV, W1GIG, K1CYW, KC1JGY, KA1WBN (and guest)

Meeting opened 7:30 by K1TA Apparently minutes from February 2019 were not posted on the web site. W1IP will be contacted to post them. 3/20/2019 note – Feb minutes have been posted.

Department Reports:
Finance:​ Checking and savings both good.
Communications​: No communications of note.
Board​: No board actions this month.
Technical Committee:​ Everything working properly.
Comm center roof is still not complete. Until it is, we cannot re-install the low band HF antenna (30-80 meters). Also, need to get on roof to re-tie the beam’s coax and rotor cables to the mast.

ND1L and N1PLH want to put Echolink on the Norwalk 2 meter analog repeater. Some objections based on need to be able to easily disconnect in case of abuse. We will test the Echolink and then figure out how to best control it before making it a standard feature.

Public Service:​ The major public service events for spring/summer have now finalized their dates:

● Fairfield Half Marathon – Sunday June 2

● Bloomin Metric – Sunday June 9 (was formerly mid May)

● MS Ride – Sunday June 23 (was formerly early June). Conflicts with Field Day but we expect to be able to staff this.

Education Committee:​ General class will begin April 4 to run for 9 weeks on Thursdays from 7 to 9:15pm.

Special Events:​ Nothing scheduled in the next month.

Field Day:​ We are working toward a joint Field Day with the Stamford Club because they lost their Field Day site. AA1XV has had a preliminary conversation with the Stamford club and expects to have a more detailed meeting with them to figure out equipment, antennas, and staffing. AA1XV has made it clear that he expects to run a competitive Field Day and wants club members to be prepared to operate in a competitive environment.

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