May 2013 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by President Jay NE2Q at 8:03pm

Members went around the room introducing themselves


New Members:

Craig KB1YYE, David KB1ZAC  (welcome gentlemen !)


President Jay asked for a congratulatory round of applause for (me), for my efforts toward finding Stop & Shop as our new “clubhouse”. (thanks guys)

Discussion of Field Day. Jay said he scouted nearby restaurants as an alternative for FD food.

Discussion about using a “Triplexer”. Jay described what a “Triplexer” is.


Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer Jim KC1FB said GNARC spent $1,250 on FD last year ($1,095 for food alone). Jim also said GNARC is in very good shape, & that our federal & state IRS filing is done.


Secretary’s Report:

Jay made a motion for the April minutes to be accepted (by ????), seconded by Hugo AA1XV?,


Public Service:

VP Sam NV1P made a repeat announcement for Saturday’s Tree Festival, to be held at Gallagher’s Estate, Cranbury Park, looking for operators to assist with traffic & parking.

Jim KC1FB described how Westport library’s “Mini Maker Fair” went (attended by Jim KC1FB, Tim W1GIG, & Bill KC1TX)

Toy KA1WYQ commented about the Bloomin’ Metric Bike Tour, stating he’s waiting for officials to contact him. At this point, seeing as it will be tough getting operators, he will be forced to tell them that GNARC will not be able to help with this year’s race.


Old/New Business:

Sec’y/PIO Marty KA1WBN reminded members (again) that the “Inverted V” antenna on the Norwalk Library’s roof needs to be rebuilt, in order to use it for the Special Event station that is planned for later this (spring) season. The antenna suffered catastrophic damage as a result of either the last blizzard, or hurricane this area experienced. Gus W1BV, Jay NE2Q, George AB1QK & Marty KA1WBN will coordinate a time for the rebuild. Jay also mentioned “Library Day” is coming, & suggested (the library) be contacted & asked whether a transmitter can be brought inside the library, during that event, for the purpose of demonstrating the hobby (& seeing as there will be music playing, any HAM radio-affiliated “noise” theoretically should not be a problem. Marty said he’d contact the director & see what she says. (Note: “Library Day” was in April…….previous comment is now moot, & plans will move forward for an event station).

Marty also added, for FD, that he spent half an hour on the phone with a representative of the “Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization, in an effort to introduce GNARC, tell them about HAM radio, & invite them to FD. Similar invites went out to the Boy Scouts, Boys & Girls Club, & numerous press agencies. More organizations are also being contacted.

Toy commented about GNARC’s repeater being on the giant AT&T tower, stating the City of Norwalk no longer pays the rent. Jay NE2Q, Tim W1GIG, & Toy KA1WYQ will be keeping tabs on this issue.


At 8:40pm, Jay turned the floor over to Sam NV1P for his presentation about printed circuit boards designed on a PC. Presentation concluded at 9:35pm (good job Sam)

After Sam’s presentation, Jay opened the floor to add’l FD discussion.

Tim W1GIG made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Jim KC1FB at 9:45pm


Respectfully Submitted,


Martin KA1WBN Diamond


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