May 2014 Minutes

Meeting called to order by President Sam NV1P at 8:02pm. 19 people were in attendance.

Secretary’s report: A work party is needed to put the Norwalk Library’s “inverted V” antenna back together. All the materials have been obtained (Bamboo poles, concrete blocks, 200 ft of paracord). We are trying to contact radio personality Danny Lyons of WEBE108, to try and do a live radio spot to help advertise Field Day. A press release is forthcoming for FD.

Motion by George AB1QK to accept April’s minutes on GNARC’s website, seconded by Steve NA1SV.

Old Business: none

Committee Reports:
VP: nothing to report
Repeater: Charles says they’re working on various enhancements.
Webmaster: Paul states the member list is current on the website.
EOC: Charles reports nothing new. More info coming, pending a meeting with Fire Chief McCarthy.
Public Service: Sam reminded all about the up-coming tree festival on the 17th at Gallagher’s Estates (Cranbury Park, Norwalk). Those participating need to be at the park by 9:30am. You’ll only need an HT on simplex 146.520. Toy K1WYQ said people are still needed for the Bloomin’ Metric Bike Tour on June 1st.
Treasurer’s report: We are in “good shape”. The current member list was sent to Paul WB2JVB for publication on the website. Specific amounts are on file with the treasurer.

Dee N1ZD proposed changing the meeting start time to 7:00pm instead of 8:00pm. Sam said this motion will be tabled for one month’s time. Jay NE2Q suggested an email to the membership informing them of this proposed change. Jim KC1FB suggested a compromise to 7:30pm. Notices will be going out to inform everyone.

Jay announced the ARRL’s 100th anniversary celebration, will be held at the Hartford convention center. Dates of the event are July 16th, 17th,  18th.

New Member: John Cornacchio KC1BQM (welcome!!)

CERT/ARES Net: Paul WB2JVB reports an unplanned emergency drill was held during the Tuesday night net. Responding members were instructed to meet at a diner immediately, ready to deploy for six hours. Five operators responded and showed up ready and equipped!

The Rochester Antique Radio event will be in August.

Upgrades: One: David Heiden W1DVE upgraded to General (Congrat’s David!!!)

Rest of the meeting was dedicated to a discussion of Field Day

Motion to adjourn by Dee N1ZD, seconded by everyone!!!!  9:42pm

Respectfully submitted
Martin KA1WBN Diamond
GNARC Secretary and PIO

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