May 2019 Meeting Minutes


Meeting opened 7:30 by K1TA

April minutes approved.

Department Reports:

Finance: Checking and savings both good.

Communications: No communications of note.

Board: No board actions this month.

Technical Committee: 475 repeater failed and was repaired. Problem was a failure of the exciter circuit. The exciter was replaced. All other equipment working properly.

Comm center roof is still not complete. Until it is, we cannot re-install the low band HF antenna (30-80 meters). Also, need to get on roof to re-tie the beam’s coax and rotor cables to the mast.

Public Service: The major public service events for spring/summer have now finalized their dates:

  • Fairfield Half Marathon – Sunday June 2
  • Bloomin Metric – Sunday June 9 (was formerly mid May)
  • MS Ride – Sunday June 23 (was formerly early June). Conflicts with Field Day but we expect to be able to staff this. See below.

Education Committee: General class began April 4 is underway. We have four students.

VE Session: At the May VE session we had two people taking their tests (1 Tech, 1 General), both passed.

Field Day: See below.

Other: Thank to W1LYZ for her superb gardening and fixing up of the planters in front of the Comm Center. Please note that the flowers will need regular watering.

The meeting was closed at 7:51 pm.

MS Ride Discussion
Michelle Zimnoch of the National MS Society, Connecticut Chapter, attended the meeting to ask for ham volunteers to support the MS Ride on June 23. Michelle thanks us for our support in previous years and explained

  • The basics of donation finance from rides/walks
  • How even a relatively small ride like the MS Ride in Westport can net $60,000-$100,000 after expenses
  • How that money is used (research and financial support for patients)
  • How much additional in additional donations they are able to raise when they have support such as what we provide

Our coverage of the MS Ride is primarily providing communications from SAG vehicles or own “scout” vehicles to keep track of the riders and get them assistance if/when they need assistance. For this year, we would mainly be busy with the MS Ride from about 8am to about noon on Sunday morning, with a few people staying later until the last riders are in (say 2pm). That means that most people who support the ride could return to Veteran’s Park to help take down from Field Day. Please volunteer if you possibly can.

Field Day Discussion
We discussed Field Day plans.

  1. WE NEED OPERATORS. Our station will be up for 24 hours starting 2pm local on Saturday. We will be in Veteran’s Park across the river from the Maritime Center.
  2. We are planning on the same stations, same antennas, same everything as last year. Hugo (AA1XV) will take an inventory of all the equipment to make sure that we have everything we need.
  3. We went through the checklist of Field Day extra points for our FD class to make sure that someone is assigned for each item to make sure we get the points.
  4. All members are encouraged to come and get on the air. If you have HF experience but are rusty, please come by the Comm Center any Saturday morning or Weds evening and you can practice on our equipment (the same equipment we will be using for Field Day). If you are newly licensed or a technician class or haven’t been on the air in a year or more, we will provide an experienced operator to help you on Field Day.
  5. Please try to bring as many of your non-Ham friends, family, colleagues as you can to get them on the air – we get special points for that.
  6. We will provide lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.

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