October 2013 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by President Jay NE2Q at 8:00pm

Guests included: Greg Cutler KB1YYE, Bruce Moore N1ZU, Tony?? (missed his call), Harlan Ford W1QH, Daniel Fegley W1QK, Jeffrey Cronin KB1MZL, & David Day KC1AKY.

All in attendance went around & said how long they’ve been HAMS.

Toy reported on 2 Public Service “jobs” that were handled in September.

New member(s): one – David Day KC1AKY

Treasurer’s report: no report – treasurer still away on vacation.

Upgrades: one upgrade (to General), 2 days prior to our meeting (KC1AKY).

Jay proposed accepting Sept’s minutes as read from GNARC’S website, seconded by Toy.

Announcement made that Paul Danzer N1II has been appointed to the ARRL as a Technical Specialist (congrat’s Paul!!)

Announcement made that Steven Simons W1SMS has been appointed to the ARRL as the Technical Coordinator (congrat’s Steven!!)    Round of applause for both Paul & Steven!!!!!

Hugo AA1XV made an announcement for the Cub/Boy Scouts Jamboree On The Air, or JOTA, as mentioned in Sept’s minutes.

New and/or Old Business – none

Jay mentioned there are 2 – 3 ICOM 718 transceiver’s available to buy (from GNARC??)

Jay also mentioned to all, that if someone knows about a speaker for any of the GNARC meetings, to let an officer or someone know.

Jay announced about GNARC’s holiday party, & suggested that SARA may join us, & CARA would be welcome if they so desired as well.

The new Norwalk Fire HQ was recently dedicated, & Jay announced that GNARC may be moving soon to this new HQ………..more to follow.


After the break, Jay gave a presentation about common & uncommon antenna’s

Jay motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Sam NV1P at 9:55pm


Respectfully Submitted,


Martin KA1WBN Diamond


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