October 2015 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:34.

15 members in attendance.

VP (Charles, N1LLL) report: everything is status quo and there will be a GNARC sign as part of the main sign for the comms center. It’s a surprise so we’ll wait and see!

No treasurer report since Jim isn’t here.

WA1VXM, John, ¬†is in attendance, yay! He hasn’t been to a club meeting in a long time. He is donating 3 rigs to the club, they more or less work and are ours to do with as we will. Two dual band mobiles and an older dual band HT. Welcome back!

Old business: Bikes4Bikes happened two weeks ago, went over very well, had just enough volunteers to make it work. No injuries, no problems, everything went smoothly.

New Business: FARA sent out an email about SKYWARN classes! Happening soon, pretty much continually going on, and it’s a very interesting organization to be a part of. Skywarn would be a great addition to your repetoire if you’re into public service. Our 2M is a registered Skywarn machine with NOAA, but we don’t have a weather nut in FFC.

WECA is going to be volunteering this weekend at a number of things: they have ¬†enough people for their two Saturday events, but they need more bodies for the Harry Chapin Run Against Hunger on Sunday. If you’re not going to the ham fests and you’re available to do the HC Run for Hunger, contact KC2VCT (Kathleen) at kc2vct@gmail.com. Go check out new toys as well as volunteer and help out!

Our repeater will allow us to connect to a new family of reflectors over DSTAR, so now you can talk on two families of reflectors via our repeaters. Not quite ready for prime time yet, but Jess will let everyone know when it’s up and running properly. Especially of interest is the raspberry pi net 10 pm on Mondays, really awesome, you can learn a lot of things quickly if you’re into raspberry pis.

DMR report: NLK DMR is in the top 5 most used repeater in the country. Lots of North America activity on DMR, so there’s always someone to talk to if you’re into DMR!

Is anyone interested in CQWW? Dan will be operating from the comms center next weekend (the 23rd – 25th) if anyone wants to come down and operate with him. Hugo will come down as well, and everyone’s invited. Ability to work nearly 100 countries and get QSLs for the stations we’ve worked. N1ZZ @ arrl.net.

December 10th, second Thursday of December will be our holiday party! $35 for a single ticket and $65 for a couple. Y’all come!

The Discovery Museum in Bridgeport has been doing a balloon project for the past several years. Recently they sent up one of their balloons as a test flight. The balloon never dropped its payload so it ended up going up 90,000 feet, and the video is online. Next month Larry Reid will come and present to GNARC on the test flight at next month’s meeting!

ARES had an operation in conjunction with the New Jersey group and provided communication during the Pope’s visit to Philly. Everything went smoothly. Hilariously, the ARES guys in Philly picked up on the Discovery Museum’s balloon APRS signal since it went so high up.

ParadanRadio.com is a new electronics company started by N1ZZ, yay! There will be ads in CQ and QST.

Meeting adjourned at 8:16 pm.

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