Reflector Hints and Tips

The GNARC email reflector is hosted at and is separate from the club web site. This is a donor supported ham radio site also associated with

Club membership and reflector subscriptions are two separate things. You must request to be added to the email list reflector. Joining the club does not put you on the list. Many people do not wish to have their primary email addresses used without opting in, so GNARC requests you to manually subscribe.
If you wish to send to the list, you must subscribe with a “real” email address. You cannot send if you have subscribed with an or similar forwarding service. If you just want to get the emails, any email address should work.
There are unsolvable problems with certain optonline email addresses, causing significant delays when receiving club emails. If you want to get timely emails, use a gmail or other similar type of account. We are no longer working to solve this, so just get a free gmail account and move on.
If you find you are getting too many emails, you can opt for a periodic digest, rather than individual emails. The list is here to encourage members to discuss ham radio and club topics of any kind, as well as a vehicle for important announcements. For sale ads for ham radio and related equipment are also fine.
You can also read the list archives on the web site. This is also where you can change your subscription options. There are detailed help screens available.
The club thanks John, N1OLO,  for managing this list!