September 2014 Minutes

Meeting began at 7:01 PM. There were 12 members in attendance. The meeting began in the new GNARC communications center and then continued at the Fairfield Maker space for a 3D printer lecture.

Paul WB2JVB attended the monthly Norwalk emergency managers meeting. GNARC’s participation at the Oyster Festival was very well received at this meeting. We provided video links of the area to the fire department, allowing real time surveying of the amusement rides. This may be useful in emergencies, providing assistance to emergency managers in situations where “eyes on the ground” would be helpful. A representative from City Hall spoke to Paul about the club possibly helping to evaluate a Motorola radio system for City Hall, and the club may be asked to help with City projects in the future.

Rachel KB1VWJ was tentatively voted in as intermediate secretary in Marty’s absence. There will be an official vote for her position next meeting.

Public Information Officer Report – Emergency Response Team meeting was attended; back-up power at Belden Library was installed to be of use in the event of natural disasters and emergencies. Our next project at the library will be putting up an inverted V on the roof to pair with the radio we’ve installed there.

A vote to approve a club expenditure on providing a backup controller to the repeater passed 12-0.

A reminder that the Westcon Ham Fest will be taking place on Sunday, September 21st, in Newtown, starting at 8:30 AM. Another ham fest reminder is that the Limarc ham fest will be taking place in Hicksville, NY, on October 26th.

Vice President N1LLL’s report: The new COMM center is really coming along. Thanks to all who’ve painted, cleaned and installed radio equipment over the past few weeks. The antenna on the roof is the next major project – anyone interested in helping out should contact Charles. Since most people are available on Saturdays, antenna raisings will be moved to that day so that more people have the chance to help out.

Many thanks to local CERTs for providing assistance at the CT Rides United on Sunday September 7th.

FARA (Fairfield Amateur Radio Association) may be using the Fairfield police department as their meeting space from now on, as the fire department in Fairfield is demolishing their current building in January to replace it with a new one.

Meeting adjourned at 7:31.

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