September 2016 Meeting Minutes

A. Call to order: 7:35 PM by the President, George Flay, AB1QK.
B. Attending:
• Tom Gunther W1TEG
• Josh Tamarkin KC1GFO
• Mark Floyd N1CT
• Tim Walker W1GIG
• Toy Alladin K1YWQ
• Dee Payne N1ZD
• Chris Mai KB1YCL
• Joe Collin KC1AUH
• Curt Seaton W1FSM
• Jim Francoeur KC1FB
• Steve Dick K1RF
• Roberta Dick KB1YOZ
• Steve Simons W1SMS
• Martin Diamond KA1WBN
• Douglas Sharfanowich WA1SFH
• Paul LaVorgna KC1EAA
• Lisa Neuscheler KC1YL
• C. Lelievre N1LLL
• George Flay AB1QK
(apologies for any mis-spellings)

C. Tim Walker, W1GIG, – presentation — a movie on the history of radio development.and grime ton development.

D. Chris Mai KB1YCL, showed his areal video of the lighthouse day via a drone camera. The event delivered 87 contacts, 10 DX and linked to 3 National Parks.

E. There was a presentation of the W1BCG video

F. Douglas Sharafanowich, WA1SFH, announced the Boy Scout “Jamboree on the Air” happening Sat October 15, 2016[8 AM to ~3 PM] and is seeking volunteers to assist in setting up a few stations. This is not a contest but an experience of Amateur Radio for scouts. 250 Cub scouts are estimated to attend. Lunch will be provided. Operators will need a go kit – power or a generator. Club contact = George.
One initial volunteer = George; Charles N1LLL can supply a station;  Please contact George Flay, AB1QK, to sign up.

G. October 16 Nutmeg Hamfest is coming up. There will be a “Go-Box competition”

H. General comments were made by Doug about the importance of participating in ARES. Contact Paul Lourd, WB2JVB, our local ARES coordinator to join.

I. General Discussion:
• Discussion on changing the format of our meetings; with the suggestion it be more informal with time for discussions of interest, building radio elements/antennas etc. and social discussions of timely interest. Membership suggestions are encouraged. Please send suggestions to George.
• The club sold all of the extra radios accumulated. A future tally of funds received will follow when the on-line sales have been completed. A team is working on a project to determine the best NEW radio to acquire for the club using the funds raised from the sales. Consideration is being given to both field use and club site.
• The new rotor will be installed when weather permits. Scheduling will be completed soon. Active work volunteers may be needed. Please contact George.
• Recognition to Lisa, KC1YL, for the tape measure antenna built recently. It will be used for both Fox hunt and can be an effective simplex antenna.
• Douglas discussed “Antenna Central”.
• Some future presentations: suggested by Steve, W1SMS, “Lightning protection for antennas”; “Antenna safety” “rotating towers”
J. Treasurers Report: $920 made at Foxboro event; recent equipment sales netted $756 – with 3 other sales not yet recognized due to on-line delay in receiving funds. Expenditures — $190 for picnic costs + porta-potty

K: Meeting adjourned at 9:07 PM

Thanks to Tom Gunther W1TEG for recording the Minutes!

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