Tim W1GIG and Betty KC1PUP granted lifetime memberships

Tim W1GIG and Betty KC1PUP were honored at the annual GNARC holiday party. Both were awarded lifetime memberships in GNARC.

Over the years Tim  has devoted significant time and resources to GNARC. His current role as a full time adviser to the board is indispensable. In the past he was the liaison between GNARC and the local emergency services. As the estate manager,  he coordinates all donations to the club, and he then spearheads the annual trip to the Antique Wireless convention in Rochester, NY.  At the convention, Tim and other GNARC members sell a large portion of these donations, providing significant funding for the club. His background in engineering has allowed him to design the trailer mounted tower we use every year for field day, and more recently he engineered the installation of the tower at the comm center. For these reasons and more we have presented him with a life membership. Betty KC1PUP has always supported the club’s activities, including public service events and is also awarded a lifetime membership.


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