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May 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 19:37. 17 people in attendance.

Tonight’s presentation was given to us by Paul, WB2JVB, on how computers are essentially free today. Different applications call for different tools, but armed with the Arduino and Raspberry Pi a person can do a lot. One of the most important lessons was if you plan on building with an Arduino, buy the real deal. It may be tempting to spend only $3 for a board, but the amount of frustration it could cause is worse than spending the extra money up front. For those who unable to attend the slides are posted on the website, and they are worth a look, even if it’s only to learn about the Kangaroo, a very affordable complete Win 10 PC.

Business meeting:
The primary topic of conversation was the upcoming Field Day, as June 25-26 is fast approaching. Field day is without a doubt the most visible annual radio event, and is not only an important tool to recruit new hams, but it’s also an important tool to get hams that already hold licenses on the air. For many people this is a chance to operate HF for the first time. For some this will be the first opportunity to see what we as hams can do when they come together in an emergency situation. Still others come just to meet up with old friends. To others this is a chance to meet up with some of the brightest people in the area, and learn from their experiences. Whatever your personal reason for attending might be, this is a day not to be missed. Read More →

April 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm.

22 members in attendance, 1 guest.

PRESENTATION:We started with the presentation by Joel Hallas (known as the Doctor in QST!).The presentation was on near-vertical incidence skywave (NVIS) HF propagation. This will be posted on the GNARC website soon and it’s very interesting and informative, so be sure to check it out!

BUSINESS PORTION:There are new t-shirts and sweatshirts for the club! The shirts have a slightly redesigned logo and you can get any color you want. $4 of each purchase goes to the club. You can buy them online and they ship directly to your house in two days. Go to select GNARC Store from the top menu and pick yours up!

George (AB1QK) showed us the proof of the decals that will be going on the trailer. They’ll be about two feet wide and three feet tall. Sam (NV1P) motioned to allocate funds to purchase the decals. Hugo (AA1XV) seconded. We should have them in about two weeks.

Treasury report: Him (KC1FB) says that we are doing pretty well, considering our recent purchases, but a good number of dues and special donations have come into the coffers recently so we’re doing okay.

The new rotor and antenna components for our rooftop antenna are all here, we’re just waiting for good weather and fire department help (since we’re not allowed to put our feet on the roof). We may need a few ground people when we put it up.


Three public service events coming up!

·         Norwalk Tree Festival on May 21st. This is their tenth year holding the festival. We assist with parking, which doesn’t sound like much, but since it’s so popular, our presence really does a lot of good. The vendors are very interesting, too – arborists, beekeepers, natural conservations, etc. Last year we were even awarded a nice shiny plaque for our efforts, so it’s great publicity for the club to participate. Send an email to Sam if you’re interested.

·         Bloomin’ Metric is coming up on May 22nd at Sherwood Island. With about 2500 participants, we assist with scout cars, sag wagons, and manning the rest stops. Free lunch too! Send an email to Jon Perelstein if you’re interested.

·         MS Ride on June 12th, which is longer than the BM, starting in Cranbury Park and ending there as well, but it’s much more complex to man than the BM since it’s more spread out and extends up to New Milford. We definitely need all hands on deck here. Please come out if you can. Send an email to Sam if you’re interested.
Meeting adjourned at 9:08, motion moved by Curt (W1FSM), seconded by Steve (K1RF).

March 2016 Meeting Minutes

Called to order at 7:34, 23 members in attendance

Paul Danzer gave a presentation – “Your PC – What Is Inside”, which will be
posted on the GNARC website for your perusing pleasure.

Business Portion

The Club had a storage container that we used for Field Day. We had to
vacate the space and we’re lucky we had it as long as we did. Now, where do
we store our Field Day equipment? We’re purchasing a trailer that we can
store at one of the fire houses in Norwalk, and the tower trailer is mobile
already – loaded up with the beam antenna. It was moved today to one of our
antenna sites. $2800 dedicated to purchasing a trailer (kudos to Jess for
making a donation to the club to help with this purchase) – motion to
appropriate 2800 for purchase was moved by Dee ND1L, seconded by Don, none
opposed. Read More →

February 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:37

23 members and one guest in attendance

We start with going around the room and saying a bit about ourselves. This
was a fun catchup!

New business:

Coming up June 12th is the MS bike ride, which starts in Calf Pasture Beach
in Norwalk. We did it last year and it went really well. We’re waiting to
hear back (hopefully will hear back by the 20th) if they need us again. We
need volunteers to run sag wagons and helping out with comms in general.
Updates on the website to follow. Let us know if you want to help out! We’d
love to have you.

The Bloomin’ Metric is on May 22nd, volunteers needed for that as well!

Greenwich Kennel Club’s all-breed dog show at Taylor Farms in Norwalk wants
us to run comms for them this summer as well, details to follow. Read More →

January 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:34. There were 23 members in attendance.
Old Business:
Lifetime Achievement Plaques issued to Don Hudson, Jim Franceour, and Toy Alladin.

KM2KM, a longtime GNARC member, emailed us. He runs an AM group every morning at 8 AM on 7178. Join in if you want! Don Ripley started this net, and sadly passed away on Monday, January 8th. He was an instrumental GNARC member who worked at CBS. He had moved to Florida after a boating accident in Connecticut. He will be missed.

New Business:
Winter Field Day is coming up! It’ll be taking place on January 30-31st.
Sam will be spearheading opening the comms center, please contact him if
you wish to participate. It’s more laid back than summer field day, but
still very fun – and Rachel promises chili!

Sam thanked everyone who came out tonight to vote.

VP Report:

Charles asks that GNARC members stay off the roof. In other
Comms Center-related news, the Red Cross will be moving in shortly, so if
you see them, be friendly and good neighbors. If they need any comms
assistance, we will be very happy to help them.

Treasury Report:

We incurred some expenses to renew‘s internet domain name for five years, other than that we haven’t spent anything and the treasury is in good shape.

The minutes for each meeting will be henceforth distributed via the GNARC reflector.

Election-Related News:

The nominating board will be dissolving – as of next year, we’ll decide whether we’ll want a nominating committee going forward. Our bylaws state that we have to have one, but we can rewrite them if we so choose. If you have any opinions on having a nominating committee versus not having one, talk to George or Charles.

2016 GNARC Officer Nominations:

There is only one change – Sam Dick is now the outgoing president and George Flay, AB1QK, is the nominated incoming president.

Officers nominated:

VP: Charles Lelievre, N1LLL
Secretary: Rachel Ambrose KB1VWJ
Treasurer: Jim Franceour KC1FB

No more nominations from the floor. 2016 Officer Slate is set in stone.

Dee motioned for an adjournment, George seconded, meeting adjourned at 8:06.

November 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:34 pm.

23 members in attendance.

Motion to accept last month’s minutes made by N1ZD and seconded by AB1QK.

VP report: No big updates to date, although Charles N1LLL did have a question for the group to ponder: it might be worth trying to see if we can drum up any interest in doing 40/80M net at some point during the week in the evenings. Other than that, the repeaters are healthy and happy, we’re one of the hottest DMR machines around, and things are good!

Treasurer’s Report:  No new unplanned expenses, but Don KA1TZR sold some tubes to net over $20.00.  We’re still in great shape with our financial situation.

Holiday party is coming up – sign up form is about to be posted on the website by Paul as soon as Sam signs off on it.

Nominating committee’s report: slate for 2016 board (we’ll be accepting nominations from the floor up until election day at January’s meeting). The nominating committee is disbanding themselves at the end of 2015. At that point, the club will decide if they want to continue with a committee or go another route. The proposed slate for 2016 is as follows: George Flay (AB1QK) for president, Charles (N1LLL) for VP, Jim (KC1FB) for treasurer, Rachel Ambrose (KB1VWJ) for secretary. If you’d like to throw your hat in the ring, please let Sam or Charles know. Read More →

October 2015 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:34.

15 members in attendance.

VP (Charles, N1LLL) report: everything is status quo and there will be a GNARC sign as part of the main sign for the comms center. It’s a surprise so we’ll wait and see!

No treasurer report since Jim isn’t here.

WA1VXM, John,  is in attendance, yay! He hasn’t been to a club meeting in a long time. He is donating 3 rigs to the club, they more or less work and are ours to do with as we will. Two dual band mobiles and an older dual band HT. Welcome back!

Old business: Bikes4Bikes happened two weeks ago, went over very well, had just enough volunteers to make it work. No injuries, no problems, everything went smoothly. Read More →