Email Distribution List

Like many clubs, GNARC uses an email list to share information between members. Official announcements are also sent to this email list. Hams seem to like to call email lists “reflectors”, so GNARC has a reflector to pass this email around.

You must apply to be on the list, and while it is primarily for local club members, other hams may also request access.  New members will automatically be invited to the list. 

If you wish to join, go to You will need to sign in or create a Google account. You do NOT NEED TO USE GMAIL, any email will work. But you need a Google account, and you must be able to SEND from the email account you sign up with. A mail forwarder like ARRL.NET will not work. 

It is important for all club members to be on the reflector. Some information is time sensitive, and may not get placed on the web site immediately.

Click here to jump to the GNARC Google Groups page.