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August 2022 – K1RF Presentation on Doublets

Please see PDF for the presentation!

Steve K1RF’s presentation on SimSmith

Please see this link for the presentation!

ND1L’s Presentation on Hot Spots

The powerpoint presentation recently given by Jess ND1L is HERE. Clicking the link will download the file. You must have powerpoint or a powerpoint viewer to read.

K1RF’s presentation on End Fed Half Wave Antennas

Please see the PDF attachment for the excellent presentation given by Steve, K1RF on end fed half wave antennas.

End Fed Half Wave Antennas


SDR for Amateur Radio – by Steve K1RF

Here is the presentation given by Steve, K1RF at the February 11, 2015 GNARC meeting.

Software Defined Radio SDR for Amateur Radio 2015-02-11

Slides from Steve’s (K1RF) presentation on loudspeaker design considerations for amateur radio

Please see the PDF below for the slides from the presentation.

Click here for PDF

February 2013 Meeting- Don Hudson’s First 50 Years of GNARC


Don Hudson

From the February 2013 meeting- Don Hudson gave the following presentation:

The First 50 Years


The Greater Norwalk Amateur Radio Club

Download a copy here. (PDF)

Watch the YouTube Video shot by WB1GRB- Here.