Tom K1TA

I have been a ham since I was 14, passing my Novice ticket in 1974. In addition to my ham ticket I hold an FCC GROL, GMDSS and Commercial Radio Telegraph Licenses with Radar.

I love volunteering since 1976 at my local fire station and I’ve worked in Public Safety since I got out of college in 1982.  I worked for the City of Stamford for 20 years in the Fire Service and 911 center. Currently I work for Westchester County NY, as the radio systems manager for police, fire, EMS and transportation.

I love CW, DX, shortwave listening, building projects and tinkering with wire antennas. Please come see us at the club, we welcome all folks interested in radio, whatever their skill level! 

Vice President


Paul – W1ip

I got my license back in the late 70’s while attending Cornell University in New York.  I mainly operated VHF/UHF until I retired from my job in information technology. Then I got the HF bug and have since worked all states and managed to get DXCC.

I enjoy all forms of the hobby, from local 2m chatting to digital modes to SSB.

GNARC, in cooperation withe SARA and GFARA, participates in many local public service events. I encourage ALL hams to volunteer for this duty. It is fun and gets ham radio visible to the general public, and it is one of the reasons the FCC gives us the frequencies!




Jon – AI1V




Paul – W1PPL