448.075 Mhz -5 Color Code 1

The W1NLK 440 repeater has been converted to digital mobile radio (DMR). 

DMR is another form of digital voice over radio with linked repeaters. Much information can be found on the web, but the best place to start is at http://www.dmr-marc.net/

This is the home page of the Motorola Amateur Radio Club. MARC is the keeper of many of the standards and conventions we are using in the United States to manage DMR and connect repeaters.

The Norwalk repeater is connected to the “New England TRBO” network, which is also connected to the DMR-MARC network to allow us to offer the standard US and Worldwide talkgroups. Local and regional talkgroups are also carried on the repeater:

Time Slot #1 – Group Call 1 = Worldwide (PTT activated with 5 min inactivity timeout)
Time Slot #1 – Group Call 13 = WW English
Time Slot #1 – Group Call 3 = N. America
Time Slot #1 – Group Call 3172 = Northeast
Time Slot #2 – Group Call 3181= New England – Wide 
Time Slot #2 – Group Call 3109 Southern New England (UHF- CT, RI, Eastern LI)