Tech Committee and Operators

The GNARC tech committee is responsible for the club equipment and its proper use.  The current club president is automatically a member of the tech committee. Other members are appointed by the committee chairman. Tech committee members have access to the comm center to facilitate repairs and upgrades at any time.

The committee also certifies GNARC members to be club operators (CCO), so they can operate the radios at the GNARC communications center as a control op. CCO’s can operate the comm center during normal hours. There must always be a CCO on deck when the radio room door is open.

The current members of the tech committee are:

  • Charles N1LLL
  • Michael N1PLH (Committee Chairman)
  • Dee N1ZD
  • Jon AI1V, President
  • Paul W1IP

Emails for the above are on QRZ.

The following people are certified club operators and can also direct the operation of the radios when the the comm center is open for scheduled usage.

Call SignName