GNARC Inventory

The following is the inventory of GNARC equipment that is currently available for purchase from the club. Other items are being reviewed and may be added as conditions permit. The process of purchasing any of these items is as follows: Each item MUST be priced separately! If you would like to examine any of the items, contact Tim, W1GIG at 203-454-4376. Offers that do not reflect fair value for the equipment item will be rejected by the committee. All bids must represent a desire to purchase by the member for his own use.

Item NameItem Description
G5RV Antenna80M-10M New in Original Bag
RigblastersWest Mountain Radio Rigblasters, with associated cables and disc
NOMIC RigblasterWest Mountain Radio NOMIC Rigblaster, with cables and disc
Yaesu SP-767Yaesu SP-767 External Speaker with audio filters.
Rigrunner Model 4005West Mountain Radio Rigrunner Model 4005
Heathkit SB 300Heathkit SB 300 Amateur Receiver, used, good condition.
Heathkit SB 400Heathkit SB 400 Amateur Transmitter used, good condition.
Heathkit VHF Scanning ReceiverHeathkit VHF Scanning Receiver, used, not tested,
FiltersHF Low Pass Filters, used, not tested.
Xformer/Filter chokesBIG Power Transformer and 2 Filter Chokes for a 2500 VDC 1 Ampere Power Supply. Enough to supply RF and Modulator for a 1 KW AM Transmitter.
CantennaHeathkit Cantenna (dummy load)
2 Meter Repeater2 Meter Repeater. Consists of Receiver, Transmitter and 100 watt power amplifier, NO CONTROLLER. AC Powered with 12 VDC backup. Made by DX Radio Systems. Comes with copy of manual and programming software.
2 Meter Combiner2 Meter Combiner. Put 3 transmitters on one antenna. Cellwave TJD150-3T
VHF PreampVHF Preamplifier, splits one antenna feed into 3 receivers.
Henry Power SupplyPower supply made by Henry for an industrial heater that used an 8877 tube. Delivers 4 KV. at 1 Amp. On a 24/7 basis. Has a tap at 2KV. at 200 Ma. for driver tube. Absolutely complete with full manual, filter caps, choke and relays. Ready to power up at 220 volts AC. mounted on a 17 1/2" square rack panel.
Rack cabinetsSeven foot rack cabinets with lockable front and rear doors. Can't be shipped.