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2 Meter Net

Every Wednesday night (EXCEPT MEETING NIGHTS) at 8PM Eastern GNARC has a general rag chew net. Usually a “topic of the week” and then open discussion. Join on in!

W1NLK 146.475 PL 100 +1Meg Offset

Hosted by Sam, NV1P. Have suggestions for topics or comments?

Email Sam Here.


Amateur Radio Emergency Services


ares_logoThe Amateur Radio Emergency Service ® (ARES ® ) consists of licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment for communications duty in the public service and when disaster strikes. Every licensed amateur, regardless of membership in ARRL or any other local or national organization is eligible to apply for membership in ARES. Training may be required or desired to participate fully in ARES.  You can read the official ARRL material on ARES here.

ARES is organized regionally. The regions match the regions used by the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection.  In Southwest CT, we are in region 1. There are five “district emergency coordinators”, or DECs that report into the SEC. You can learn much more about ARES in Connecticut here:

ARES members can participate in public service events to provide communications support that enhances the safety of the operation. Events like charity bike rides and runs are classic examples where amateur radio provides the organizers with communications that cover a wide area. These events help ARES members practice their skills in deploying their equipment and operating on a “controlled net” to practice effective communications skills.

At this time, we are looking to create relationships with local agencies and organizations to provide assistance during large events and during emergencies. It is important to realize that ARES members don’t “self deploy” during disasters, but are part of an overall emergency preparedness team.

Local Nets
There is a periodic region 1 CERT/ARES net. When called, this net occurs on Tuesday at 8:00 PM. All amateurs are welcome, and encouraged to check into the net.  Frequencies for the CERT/ARES net are 146.475 (+ 1 MHz Split) with a PL of 100.0 Hz. At this time GNARC officers are looking into a way to link one of our repeaters into the statewide net that occurs on Sundays.

You can also learn more about CERT, which is a fast growing emergency preparedness organization across the country,  see You can also contact local CERT leaders in Wilton, Stamford, Fairfield, Westport and other Region 1 towns.  More towns are turning to CERT to help in emergencies, and the addition of amateur radio to the CERT is important to operations.

For more information, please contact Paul Lourd, WB2JVB,  DEC Connecticut Region 1.

January 2014 Meeting Minutes

(First meeting of 2014 being held in new “clubhouse” aka Norwalk’s brand new FDHQ)

  • – Meeting called to order by President Jay NE2Q at 8:05pm. There were 24 attendee’s.
  • – Jay said a few words about his presidency during 2013, plus when he was president quite a few years ago.
  • – Tim W1GIG said we’ll now be meeting here at FDHQ, in the EOC, which has been funded from various sources. Tim went on to describe some of the room’s features. He also announced that long-time GNARC member Ron, formerly known as WA1PMS, is ill, & residing permanently in the nursing facility in Westport, formerly known as Mediplex. Ron’s equipment is for sale, anyone interested should contact Tim.
  • – Tim announced the nominee’s for 2014’s election:
    • Sam Dick NV1P for President
    • Charles Lelievre N1LLL for VP
    • Marty Diamond KA1WBN for Secretary/PIO
    • Jim Francoeur KC1FB for Treasurer

There being no further nominations from the floor, Vlad Spitzer W1ZP moved that nominations be closed (so moved). Tim “moved” to have one vote cast for entire slate as it stands (seconded by Vlad). Vote carried unanimously.

  • – Sam NV1P took over as President.
  • – Dan N1ZZ motioned to give Jay NE2Q a round of applause for being president in 2013 (seconded by Don KA1TZR………. Round of applause……….
  • – Secretary’s Report: Marty KA1WBN stated November’s minutes are on the website. Motion to accept November’s minutes  was moved and seconded and accepted by all
  • – Treasurer’s Report: Jim reported that the club’s finances were good, checking and savings balances were announced.
  • – Dee N1ZD motioned that the Treasurer’s report be accepted, Toy K1WYQ seconded and accepted without corrections or omissions.
  • – Someone asked about the current dues………they’re on GNARC’s website, & included on the membership application.
  • – Committee Reports: PIO – Marty said December’s minutes are in the form of a press release, that has been sent to the press & ARRL for publication, plus GNARC’s website.
  • – Repeater: Charles/N1LLL was accepted as the designated repeater trustee. Steve/NA1SV the outgoing trustee gave up the position because of work related issues.
  • – Charles has already been working with the repeaters and said adjustments have been made to the repeater, including but not limited to; performance “tweaking”, addition of news/weather broadcasts, & cross-linking.
  • – Toy/K1WYQ received compliments for coordinating the holiday party
  • – Sam said he wants to appoint a committee to search for a “fresh” location for GNARC’s holiday party.
  • – Jay suggested the President write a letter to Stop & Shop, thanking them for allowing GNARC to use their conference room for monthly meetings during 2013. Marty said he’d write the letter & present it to Sam for his signature.
  • – Vlad said he thinks there should be more board meetings. He was only aware of one during all of 2013. He believes the constitution calls for multiple (board) meetings throughout the year.
  • – Sam also said he wants to have a new committee formed to recruit new HAMS.
  • – Marty made the suggestion of having those GNARC members who are willing, contribute the info of their skills/trades for publication on GNARC’s website, for the explicit use of other club members only, in the event a (club) member wanted to hire them for something in or around their own house. Sam motioned that this suggestion be tabled for further consideration.
  • – Vlad suggested a “mission statement” be created/modified, & included with welcoming new member orientation.
  • – Tim suggested updating the OEM application to include whether or not members can tow, etc.
  • – New and/or visiting members: Chris Hansen WO1T

Joe Collin KC1AUH

Mark K1QPS

David Heiden N1TJG

Tom Alessi K4TNK

  • – Toy reminded everyone that he is the District Emergency Coordinator (DEC) for ARES in Region 1 and would like to start an ARES net again, alongside one of the nets that is currently conducted.  Paul WB2JVB described CERT for some members who expressed interest, inquiring as to what it’s all about.
  • – Sam announced that Don/KA1TZR will give a presentation on Hallicrafter’s equipment at the next meeting in February.
  • – Don briefly spoke about his association with Hallicraft equipment
  • – Jon WB2RYV announced that SARA’s meeting will be tomorrow night, at Stamford’s Government Center at 8:00pm.
  • – Sam announced several upcoming nets: Tuesday nights – CERT – 8:00pm

Tuesday nights – D-Star – 8:00pm

Wednesday nights – Ragchew – 8:00pm

Thursday nights – 10-Meter (28.400) – 8:00pm

Thursday (morning) – 7 MHz (7178) – 8:00am

     Sam mentioned there’s also a 40-Meter net every morning at 8:00am, except Sunday’s.

Charles said the HAM news line will come on after Wednesday night’s net. Melissa N1VSZ asked what “D-Star” stood for. Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio.

  • – Paul WB2JVB made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Jim KC1FB. Meeting adjourned at 9:40pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Martin KA1WBN Diamond



December Press Release


GNARC-holiday-party-2013-with-Jay,-rep-Gail,-&-meIn lieu of their regular monthly December meeting, the Greater Norwalk Amateur Radio Club celebrated the holidays early, by holding their annual holiday party at the Laurel Athletic Club.

While Toy Alladin K1WYQ, Martin Diamond KA1WBN, & Sam Dick NV1P all helped to plan, members from GNARC hosted the party, & invited members from neighboring clubs, including the Fairfield Amateur Radio Association, the Stamford Amateur Radio Association, & the Candlewood Amateur Radio Association. In total, 54 people enjoyed delicious food, & a joint GNARC/SARA celebratory cake for desert.

Though the party was hosted & attended by HAMS, a few celebrities were there, one or more of which were non-HAMS (who are always welcome!!!)

Section manager Betsey Doane K1EIC was present, as well as State of CT Rep Gail Lavielle of the 143rd district (still unlicensed, but we can fix that !!). Ms Lavielle is an avid supporter of amateur radio, having gotten her first “taste” of the hobby, at “Field Day” at Vet’s Park in Norwalk this past June. Both Betsey & Gail gave short inspirational messages to those in attendance.

Awards & honorable mentions were made for those who had gone “above & beyond the call” (no pun intended!), or served the club honorably in the past, including Joe Hallas W1ZR, recognized as the former Technical Editor of QST, Rich Roznoy K1OF recognized as the former repeater trustee for many years, Paul Danzer N1II for being a newly appointed ARRL Technical Advisor, & Steven Simons W1SMS as the newly appointed ARRL Technical Coordinator. 2 Onyx crystals were awarded, 1 each to Tim Walker W1GIG & Toy Alladin K1WYQ for all their years of dedication to GNARC & HAM radio. Various other members won a variety of raffle prizes. Music for the event was provided by Diamond Entertainment Co of Norwalk. In other announcements, the nominations committee presented their proposed slate of officers for 2014: Sam Dick NV1P as President, Charles Lelievre N1LLL as VP, Martin Diamond KA1WBN as Sec’y, & Jim Francoeur KC1FB as Treasurer. Martin Diamond KA1WBN will also retain his position as Public Information Officer for GNARC, & will join the ranks of other PIO’s, under the guidance of Dana Borgman KA1WPM of the ARRL.


New, & returning members, as well as guests, are always welcome!!!  The new year brings a change in venue. Starting with the (2nd) Wednesday, January 8th meeting, GNARC will be meeting at the new Norwalk Fire Headquarters building, on the same site as the old headquarters: 121 Connecticut Ave. The building is between Fairfield Ave & Cedar St. All who are coming should park on the Cedar St side ONLY, & enter through that door. Meeting time will remain the same (8:00pm). Those interested should listen on GNARC’s 2-meter repeater frequency (146.475) for the location of pizza beforehand (about 6:00pm). The (fire) station can be easily seen off I-95 by exit 14 (in either direction).

For additional information or questions, please call Martin Diamond KA1WBN at 203-554-5109, & check out the club’s website at “”.



Respectfully submitted

Martin KA1WBN Diamond


November 2013 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by President Jay NE2Q at 8:07pm

Jay introduced the board members

Guests: Phil Segneri WN1CRX.

Jay asked all in attendance to go around the room, & introduce themselves, & say how many hours per year they spend operating.

Public Service: Tim reported on the S.E.T. conducted last Saturday on 2 meters, 440, & HF. Hugo & Toy talked about GNARC’s participation on J.O.T.A. with the scouts.

Fred K1FC reminded everyone about a VE session coming up this Saturday morning in Stamford at the Government Center.

New members: none

Upgrades: none

Jay asked for someone to make a motion to have the secretary’s report accepted as posted on the GNARC website. Jim KC1FB made the motion, seconded by Steve Verbil NA1SV.

Sam NV1P spoke about participating in the NYC Marathon. He & Rachel KB1VWJ were at mile 23. I mentioned that I was at mile 22, with 2 other guys.

Old Business: Jay asked again about anyone who’d know about any 718’s that might be available for the club (to buy??) or otherwise acquire for use at FD.

Jay mentioned about the holiday party, stating he’s made mention of it to WECA, CARA, FARA, & SARA. He also said a very accurate head count is needed, & no verbal commitments will be accepted this year. This “policy” is being utilized so GNARC doesn’t wind up paying unnecessarily for “no show” meals.

Treasurer’s report: Jim KC1FB said with the addition of money rec’d from the AWA items, & other equipment sold, GNARC is “doing quite well”. We are also keeping current on our storage container.

After an approx 20 minute break, Tim W1GIG gave a video presentation about a 200 KW transmitting station. The station went on-the-air in 1925, & remained (on-the-air) into the mid-50’s. The station is in Sweden, & its call is SAQ.

Jay asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Jim KC1FB made the motion, seconded by Paul Lourd WB2JVB at 9:35pm.

October 2013 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by President Jay NE2Q at 8:00pm

Guests included: Greg Cutler KB1YYE, Bruce Moore N1ZU, Tony?? (missed his call), Harlan Ford W1QH, Daniel Fegley W1QK, Jeffrey Cronin KB1MZL, & David Day KC1AKY.

All in attendance went around & said how long they’ve been HAMS.

Toy reported on 2 Public Service “jobs” that were handled in September.

New member(s): one – David Day KC1AKY

Treasurer’s report: no report – treasurer still away on vacation.

Upgrades: one upgrade (to General), 2 days prior to our meeting (KC1AKY).

Jay proposed accepting Sept’s minutes as read from GNARC’S website, seconded by Toy.

Announcement made that Paul Danzer N1II has been appointed to the ARRL as a Technical Specialist (congrat’s Paul!!)

Announcement made that Steven Simons W1SMS has been appointed to the ARRL as the Technical Coordinator (congrat’s Steven!!)    Round of applause for both Paul & Steven!!!!!

Hugo AA1XV made an announcement for the Cub/Boy Scouts Jamboree On The Air, or JOTA, as mentioned in Sept’s minutes.

New and/or Old Business – none

Jay mentioned there are 2 – 3 ICOM 718 transceiver’s available to buy (from GNARC??)

Jay also mentioned to all, that if someone knows about a speaker for any of the GNARC meetings, to let an officer or someone know.

Jay announced about GNARC’s holiday party, & suggested that SARA may join us, & CARA would be welcome if they so desired as well.

The new Norwalk Fire HQ was recently dedicated, & Jay announced that GNARC may be moving soon to this new HQ………..more to follow.


After the break, Jay gave a presentation about common & uncommon antenna’s

Jay motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Sam NV1P at 9:55pm


Respectfully Submitted,


Martin KA1WBN Diamond


September Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 8:00pm by Jay

Jay asked for several moments of silence in honor of the victims of the 9/11/2001 attacks

Visitors: John Hanks (non-HAM scouting leader), & David KC1AKY Day

Members introduced themselves

No upgrades

Proposal by Jay to accept the minutes for August meeting as read/seen on GNARC website, seconded by Jay also.

Treasurer’s report: Jim is away, Sam gave report in his absence. Tim W1GIG, Jim KC1FB, Rachel KB1VWJ, & Sam NV1P had gone to Rochester. They sold approximately $1,900 in parts, etc (which has been added to GNARC’s account.

Old Business: Jay got the triplexer parts back from the mfg. He will test them in time for FD 2014.

New Business: Hugo AA1XV has old GNARC parts for disposal, requests club’s permission to junk them. List of specific items to be sent to Jay.

John Hanks of the Boy Scouts: Oct 19th & 20th is the Scout’s Jamboree (JOTA), in West Redding at the (200 acres??) Hoyt Scout reservation. The Jamboree will start at 9:00am & run for 24 hrs, though the scouts will be bedded down around 22:00hrs (10:00pm). The Jamboree is a world-wide event, & this year will mark the troop’s 1st attempt at the Jamboree.

I (Marty KA1WBN) have been asked by Jay to contact webmaster Charles N1LLL, & ascertain if GNARC’s website can somehow be slightly reconfigured, to make it easier for members to find minutes & some other hard-to-find club info.

Jay stated there is no special presentation planned for tonight, so he opened the floor to anyone who had a question about anything within the hobby.

Motion made by Sam to adjourn meeting, seconded by Jess ND1L at 9:40pm.