Gnarc attends 2014 Antique Wireless Convention

The GNARC “stuff for sale” team had a good trip to the 2014 Antique Wireless Association World Convention in Rochester, NY.  The group consisted of Sam, Rachel, Steve, Roberta, Tim, Jim, and Don.

The convention program presented a wonderful range of events starting with a personally escorted tour of the AWA Museum Complex on Tuesday and ending with the “paper collectibles”, vacuum tube, and equipment auction on Saturday.

Outstanding progress has been made at the museum, featuring thoughtfully assembled equipment exhibits in beautifully appointed surroundings.  The various presentations in the next few days covered an appropriate variety of amateur and antique radio interests.  The Thursday/Friday flea market gave the seven person “sales crew” a good opportunity to market our goodies.  The equipment contest was supported with many entries; Sam and Don won ribbons with their exhibits.  On Friday, there was a fine dinner and a very interesting talk about Voice of America.

After a well-run auction with a large crowd in attendance,  the team had an uneventful trip home.

Click here for the photos!

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