GNARC Receives Appreciation Plaque from City


Tonight at their meeting,  the Norwalk Tree Advisory Committee presented the Greater Norwalk Amateur Radio Club with a very nice certificate of appreciation. As you all may know, the club has been providing logistical assistance to the Norwalk Tree Alliance in running their Tree Festival since 2013. The annual Tree Festival is a free event where more than 40 exhibitors give out botanical advice, seeds, face painting for the kids, rides in bucket trucks for kids (and kids at heart), and free food. Manythanks go out to those club members who helped pull the event off in previous years.

Our participation has also had a positive effect for the club. We are very visible to local government organizations, and our presence has not gone unnoticed over the past 3 years. Our continued participation in this event ensures that we remain to be noticed in such a positive light.

This year will be the 10th time the event will be held, and since event continues to become more popular each year more people show up. Last years attendance broke 2000, and they predict there will be even more this year. Please consider volunteering May 21st from about 10-2. Lunch will be provided, although for those who are picky you are welcome to bring your own.

Sam Dick – NV1P

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