May 2020 Meeting Minutes

Location: Via ZOOM video/audio conference platform
Meeting called to order by President Jon (AI1V) at 7:30 PM. Finance report: account balances were reviewed by the Treasurer Paul (W1PPL). No mail reported in our mailbox. Technical Report: repeaters are working. Discussion of Saturday Morning net was had, with issues noted on using EchoLink.

Field Day Discussion – led by Hugo (AA1XV). ARRL advises to be flexible and creative this year due to the coronavirus pandemic restrictions for gatherings. Hugo spoke to a representative of Norwalk Parks & Rec who indicated all parks will not be open for gatherings probably through July 2020. One approach discussed was “individuals” appearing in the Park; or gathering at a member’s house/property to set up and operate; or individuals operate from their own property and we aggregate contacts as a club for scoring. Additional research is ongoing to use K1TA’s property or the other options discussed. Some members questioned the wisdom of any physical gathering for Field Day during the pandemic. Also discussed were software options for logging calls.

Meeting Presentation: “Deploying an Amplifier” by Tom K1TA. The slide show and discussion were well researched, packed with details and greatly appreciated by the members. We will seek to get the PPT posted to our website.
Meeting Adjourned: 8:36 PM
Attendees (27):
• Jon AI1V
• Dee N1ZD
• Tom W1TEG
• Tom K1TA
• Jonny AB1HI
• Paul W1PPL
• Paul W1IP
• Andre W2ART
• Rich K1CYW
• Steve K1RF
• David K1SZO

• Hugo AA1XV
• Jim N1ZFS
• Sam NV1P
• Rachel KB1VWJ
• Mike Cavaliere
• William KB1IFY
• Jess ND1L
• Joe KC1AUH
• David N1DPD
• Toy K1WYQ
• Tom KB1FBX
• Peter KC1GBZ
• Steve N1CM
• Ilan KC1LDQ
• Fred K1FC
• Jeanine KY1Q
• Ted ?

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