April 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order 7:34 pm, with 26 in attendance.

First and most important, we had a few new members from the recent class in attendance. A warm welcome was given to:

KC1HIN, Robert; KC1HIO, Christopher; KC1HIX, Michael; and KC1HJC, Juanita; Welcome to the club, and welcome to ham radio.

Last month’s minutes were accepted with no revisions.

Our guest Speaker was Thomas Frenaye (K1KI), New England Division Director of the ARRL Administration and Finance Committee and Historical Committee, and chairman of the Ethics and Elections Committee and Entry Level Licence Committee at the ARRL, so we were guaranteed a good bit of information. He began by mentioning that the FCC is looking to increase enforcement, and that the ARRL acts as a liaison between hams and the government, especially when it comes to the growing scourge of “grow lights”. He also talked about how hams now have allocations on 630 meters and 2200 meters, and that there may soon be kits available to get on these bands. It looks like it’s time to lengthen your dipole! We may also be gaining use of a full 15KHz of 60 meters rather than the channel scheme used now.

The major topic was about how to get hams licenced, and how to retain them as active hams. As the chairman of the Entry Level Licence Committee he is tasked with helping to determine items such as what sort of questions are on the exams, how they are worded, and how large the pools are. From there he is also tasked with retention, and does things like fight to change spectrum allocations for technician class licenses, or maybe even bring about a foundation class licence similar to what is available in other countries. A decade ago there was a lot more activity on local repeaters, so something needs to be done to keep licensed hams active hams. Read More →

17 New Hams!

Last night at the GNARC comm center, we minted 17 new hams. 16 technicians and one general. This follows a 6 week class taught by Jon AI1V and Paul WB2JVB.  Tom K1TA, Lisa KC1YL, Paul W1PPL and Curt W1FSM all helped with the class.

Special thanks to the many other VE’s who came by to help us get through the testing! Ernest, Steve, Jeff, Phil, Bill, Donna. I am probably forgetting someone!

If you hear some new KC1 calls on the air in a couple of weeks, please say hello.

VE Session – Wed Mar 29th 2017

This coming Wednesday, the 29th, a VE session will be held at the GNARC comm center from 6:30pm until completed.  The comm center will not be open for regular visitors, only VE’s and the test takers. If you know someone who would like to take the test, please let Lisa KC1YL know. We have a large crowd, but can probably fit one or two more.  Thank you.

Test post for FB integration

This is a test to see if the post shows up on GNARC Facebook page.

GNARC moves to new Email List

Effective as of 3/18/2017, GNARC has completed the move from the QTH.NET reflector to Google Groups for our email discussion lists.

All current members of the old list have been migrated. 

You DO NOT have to have a GMAIL account, or even be a member of Google groups to receive and send to the group, you just need to be enrolled. You must have a Google group account (which can be your normal email) to read and post using the web interface.  It is recommended you create a Google group account, so that you can change your name to have your call sign in it.

Contact Tom K1TA or Paul WB2JVB for help. Emails are on the directory page.


March 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:34 pm. Fifteen members in attendance.

Motion to accept meeting minutes from last meeting was made by Curt (W1FSM), seconded by Jim KC1FB.

Treasurer’s report: we didn’t spend anything, lots of club members renewed, and we made $600 in equipment sales.

Paul N1II’s presentation on kit building in ham radio includes lots of really good tips, reviews, and notes on small kits to be used in ham radio. Check it out if you can! Maybe he’ll even post some pictures of his kits or reviews he’s written for QST.

Tech committee report: No real changes since last month’s meeting. Equipment is inside and all is well.

Education committee: We have been teaching a tech class to approximately 20 students, and the class is halfway through. We are hoping to have some pass the test and hopefully will get some new members out of it.

Bylaws committee: The Bylaws Committee has been reviewing bylaws to clean them up, but no progress to report so far.

Special events committee: VE test coming up soon, we also ordered general and extra tests as well in case some members want to level up their licensing. Westport Makers Faire is coming up on April 22nd if anyone wants to come and table! MS Ride on June 11th has been changed. All volunteers now have to get a background check. We realize this might scare some people off, so we totally understand if you don’t want to volunteer. But we may have to back out if we don’t have enough people to volunteer. Hopefully we’ll still get enough volunteers to do it, though!

Field Day committee: Sam is drafting up an email to send out, and would like to have enough people committed to be able to run 3A. We can bring out the tower and have a really good chance at scoring well in the contest. Plus it’s way more fun. Sam will check in with Hugo to reserve Vets Park, and we need the insurance waiver. We’ll discuss food and beverage budget at the next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:33 pm.

Submitted by Rachel KB1VWJ

Technician Class Begins

Wednesday, 2/15 was the first night of the technician class.  Jon AI1V and Paul WB2JVB are lead instructors. Supported by Tom K1TA and perhaps some guest teachers.  We have a good crowd and a few are ALREADY talking about upgrading and getting to HF!  Here are a couple of photos.