October 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:34, 16 members in attendance, 1 guest

Old Business:

Lisa KC1YL and Paul WB2JVB, along with eight other club hams there, brought the IC 718 and Paul’s portable rig to Ambler Farms in Wilton last Saturday. They put two antennas up in the air, one OFC and one G5RV, got Denmark and Lithuania among other contacts, got to interact with kids in the apprentice program at the farm who seemed very interested in ham radio.

New Business:

The reason for the recent comm center closure: City of Norwalk was concerned about us going in and out of the comms center at all hours and making modifications to the building that they weren’t necessarily enthused about. Paul and Charles N1LLL met with the Emergency Management Director and came to the following agreement: we can operate one night a week plus Saturday during the day, and if we want to operate overnight, we have to let the City know in advance. Everything is fine, we just need to have a clear line of communication between all involved. Paul is now the city liaison for the club, so if you want to do something special, get in touch with him. In order for us to keep our space, it is very important that we provide service to the City of Norwalk at volunteer events such as the MS Ride, Bikes 4 Bikes, Tree Festival, etc. Let’s show the City how useful hams can be! Read More →

Portable Ops at Ambler Farm

Today a bunch of GNARC members showed up to operate portable at Ambler Farm in Wilton CT.  The excuse to operate was that today is “Fall Out” day, started by the 100 Watts and a Wire Group.

We had two antennas, a G5RV about 35 feet up and an end-fed wire about 30 feet up at one end. Rigs were Icom IC-706 and IC-718.

KC1YL and WB2JVB got the antennas up during the week.  Thanks to the following hams who showed up today and helped, or just shot the breeze:  K1TA, N1PLH, KC1GFO, AB1QK, N1ALF, KB1YLQ, KC1EAA, KC1YL and WB2JVB.

Contacts were made on 20m SSB and 40m SSB and CW. We even had a rare DX contact into the next county in NY, our previous president NE2Q! A few DX contacts in Europe and many US contacts. Lots of donuts and coffee were consumed.

A group of kids who apprentice at the farm heard our presentation on ham radio, and a couple were definitely interested.  We also had a fox transmitter setup a couple of miles away and played with the tape measure antenna to try and point at it.

An excellent time had by all!

September 2016 Meeting Minutes

A. Call to order: 7:35 PM by the President, George Flay, AB1QK.
B. Attending:
• Tom Gunther W1TEG
• Josh Tamarkin KC1GFO
• Mark Floyd N1CT
• Tim Walker W1GIG
• Toy Alladin K1YWQ
• Dee Payne N1ZD
• Chris Mai KB1YCL
• Joe Collin KC1AUH
• Curt Seaton W1FSM
• Jim Francoeur KC1FB
• Steve Dick K1RF
• Roberta Dick KB1YOZ
• Steve Simons W1SMS
• Martin Diamond KA1WBN
• Douglas Sharfanowich WA1SFH
• Paul LaVorgna KC1EAA
• Lisa Neuscheler KC1YL
• C. Lelievre N1LLL
• George Flay AB1QK
(apologies for any mis-spellings)

C. Tim Walker, W1GIG, – presentation — a movie on the history of radio development.and grime ton development.

D. Chris Mai KB1YCL, showed his areal video of the lighthouse day via a drone camera. The event delivered 87 contacts, 10 DX and linked to 3 National Parks. Read More →

Update: Antennas for Fox Hunt made!

Getting ready for the upcoming GNARC fox hunt (date TBD), a few hams got together and made some tape measure antennas. If you don’t have one, better get on board! They were super easy to make.

This is the link for the instructions we used: http://www.instructables.com/id/The-Tape-Measure-Antenna/

We tested the SWR and it is 1.1 to 1.4 across the band. Make one!




July 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:40 pm

Attendance: 17

Old Business: Treasurer report: In good shape in checking and savings.

Field Day Wrap-up: Paul, Sam, and George really stepped up to make Field Day happen, so much thanks to them. Considering the small amount of people who participated, we did really well. We should definitely document our mistakes and things that need tweaking in order to do better next year. This year’s Field Day was rather hurriedly put together so we had to put out some fires as they happened, which isn’t ideal. A dry run might be helpful two to four weeks before it happens next year to make sure everything works and everyone knows where crucial pieces of equipment are. Some of our Field Day equipment is in need of repair so we need to take things out, make sure they work, and fix them if they don’t. We can practice putting up antennas, setting up rigs, and figuring out where everything should be positioned at Vets’ Park. This would also be a good chance for newer/younger members to learn how to put up the beam and then we can use it next year for Field Day. The beam itself is also in need of some repair, so it really needs to be a club project. Would anyone like to spearhead this? Read More →

GNARC trailer locked and loaded for field day

We may not score high, but darned if we don’t look sharp doing it!!

jeep_gnarc jeep_gnarc2

June Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:40.

Members in attendance: 20.

Dan (N1ZZ) gave a presentation on his Field Day experiences and his ham radio history in general. Worthy of note in particular was his contribution to the US Army by assisting with running telephone patches. He started the New Canaan High School’s ham radio club when he was newly licensed. By 21, he had acquired Worked All Zones. He’s also placed 2nd in the world in the OKOM contest. Even for those of us who’ve known Dan for a long time, this was an engaging and entertaining talk. Given his recent announcement that he’s leaving our lovely state in favor of warmer climes, it was especially timely. Unfortunately there isn’t a powerpoint, but if you email Dan, he’ll be happy to set up a “sched” with you once he gets settled in his new home. Read More →