Trailer organizing complete

Today we finished installing the shelving and wood strapping around the trailer. The tents are now help upright at the front, with eye hooks and bungee cords/rope.  All power cords, coax, surge protectors, Ethernet cabling, etc is stored in the totes you see on the shelves. The tables and plywood are leaning on the left side. A more permanent way to keep them secure is still needed, but what we have works. The heaviest bins, with the ropes and lights stay on the floor with the coolers.

See attached photos.

Recent club activities

A few pictures of recent goings on! N1ZD, W1PPL and KC1YL assembled some shelves that will be mounted in the GNARC trailer this week. KC1YL and WB2JVB assisted the Norwalk Seaport Association with clean up of Sheffield Island Lighthouse, to get it ready for the season opening. GNARC operates from the island, so it was important to volunteer to help. N1CT and KC1YL admire the flowers at the comm center.

Two new hams today at GNARC VE session!

Today, at our normally scheduled VE session, two new hams were minted! One technician and one general (who did both at the same time). We will post the calls signs when they are available.

We also had two visitors today, one was non-ham who is interested in a tech class. So if we can get enough folks, we will start a new tech training class. If you know anyone please let Jon AI1V or Paul WB2JVB know.


Garden at the Comm Center

W1PPL, under guidance from horticultural director KC1YL, spreads some mulch on the garden at 100 Fairfield!

(Yes, the FD gave us permission!)


Trailer cleanup and inventory complete

Thanks to Tom K1TA, Dee N1ZD, Lisa KC1YL, Paul W1PPL, Rob (K3PUG soon) and Paul WB2JVB, the trailer has been inventoried and cleaned up. Thanks to Lisa for providing a great breakfast with homemade egg casseroles and pastries (see, you should show up at these things!!).

Plans were made on how to install some shelves to better hold the boxes of  supplies. Dee and Paul W1PPL will be working on this. The club expects to spend some funds to finalize the trailer.

Also, 4 of the older tables were deemed unusable and are going to the dump. The club will need to get 4 or 5 plastic picnic tables to replace them. We save the 3 large tables normally used for the kitchen setup at field day.

Trailer inventory and cleaning Saturday!!

This Saturday, April 22, we will be pulling the GNARC trailer out of the lot and taking it to KC1YL’s house to inventory and clean it out. If you can help, please let us know! Free breakfast could be involved….!!

April 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order 7:34 pm, with 26 in attendance.

First and most important, we had a few new members from the recent class in attendance. A warm welcome was given to:

KC1HIN, Robert; KC1HIO, Christopher; KC1HIX, Michael; and KC1HJC, Juanita; Welcome to the club, and welcome to ham radio.

Last month’s minutes were accepted with no revisions.

Our guest Speaker was Thomas Frenaye (K1KI), New England Division Director of the ARRL Administration and Finance Committee and Historical Committee, and chairman of the Ethics and Elections Committee and Entry Level Licence Committee at the ARRL, so we were guaranteed a good bit of information. He began by mentioning that the FCC is looking to increase enforcement, and that the ARRL acts as a liaison between hams and the government, especially when it comes to the growing scourge of “grow lights”. He also talked about how hams now have allocations on 630 meters and 2200 meters, and that there may soon be kits available to get on these bands. It looks like it’s time to lengthen your dipole! We may also be gaining use of a full 15KHz of 60 meters rather than the channel scheme used now.

The major topic was about how to get hams licenced, and how to retain them as active hams. As the chairman of the Entry Level Licence Committee he is tasked with helping to determine items such as what sort of questions are on the exams, how they are worded, and how large the pools are. From there he is also tasked with retention, and does things like fight to change spectrum allocations for technician class licenses, or maybe even bring about a foundation class licence similar to what is available in other countries. A decade ago there was a lot more activity on local repeaters, so something needs to be done to keep licensed hams active hams. Read More →